That’s Not a Critter!

The Creepy Crate just ate the Maiden of Ashwood Lake. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Let me see if I can explain it.

In World of Warcraft there are different classes of NPC’s that wander around in the game. Some of them are humanoid. Some are beasts. Some are tiny wildlife, classed as critters. When Blizzard created the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft, they instituted a new system for tracking in-game progress called achievements. One of those achievements was Critter Kill Squad. To get that achievement you have to run around in-game killing all the miscellaneous wildlife that you find. 50,000 critters, for that achievement.

As part of the in-game amusement, you can summon a vanity pet that follows you wherever you go (Wolpertinger) They don’t do much (Editor’s note: didn’t back then. Do now) but some of them have pre-programmed behaviors that are unique to that pet. Nuts will pelt nuts at your friends, as one example. The Creepy Crate is a drop/purchase vanity pet available during the Hallow’s End world event. It’s a crate that bumps along behind you belching fel. The Creepy Crate’s unique behavior is that it will occasionally eat critters near you. It zaps whatever the critter is with a long tongue and sucks it back into the crate all the while making chewing sounds. It is revolting and hilarious at the same time.

The Maiden of Ashwood Lake is an NPC you summon for the daily quest A Blade Fit For A Champion, obtained at the Argent Tournament. She is disguised as a Lake Frog, which can be found on the shores of the Ashwood Lake in Grizzly Hills. I had wondered if the Creepy Crate would eat the frog she was disguised as before she could transform from the class critter that the frog is to the class humanoid that she is. The answer is yes. Crate kills count as critter kills, and I had the crate out while doing that quest on Tarashal. Stupid crate ate the maiden before she could give me the sword I was supposed to get from her.

So I had to dismiss the crate and then kiss a dozen more frogs before I could get her to appear again and complete the quest. Just another day in World of Warcraft.


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