JFK Assassination Fiftieth Anniversary

The three points of conspiracy theory creation and maintenance illustrated bluntly in this podcast:

Many conspiratorial analyses of the assassination depend upon perceived anomalies based on careful analysis of the Zapruder film — the famous color home movie showing 27 seconds of the motorcade, including the fatal shot. While some point to evidence found in the Zapruder film that the assassination was a conspiracy, others claim the film itself is a carefully assembled forgery created to show a false history of the events. Again, we see two irreconcilable versions of events, impossibly yet harmoniously coexisting as part of the fabric of conspiracy lore. There are at least three other home movies showing the death from different angles, and similar claims surround these as well.

Why? Because conspiracy theories follow these three laws:

Law #1: Authority’s version of events is untrue, by default.

Law #2: Everything that differs from the authoritative version is more likely true.

Law #3: All evidence that contradicts #1 or #2 is part of the conspiracy.

Thus the facts of November 22, 1963 will probably never be universally accepted. The cycle of illogic will continue: the independent conspiracy theorists, desperate to find the real killer of the President they loved so well, will continue to vehemently defend Oswald who violently blew Kennedy’s brains out. Beyond all well-reasoned doubt, Lee Harvey Oswald was an angst-ridden loner, an ideologue, who acted in concert only with his own thoughts, to murder JFK.


50 years ago today, Lee Harvey Oswald took the life of the President of the US. It’s time that we accepted the truth of this. This was also the subject of this week’s Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe interview segment:

EPISODE #435 – 11/16/2013

There was no majic bullet. There is no mystery as to why pieces of the president’s head landed on the trunk of his car after he was shot. To offer those up as objections is to engage in anomaly hunting. People don’t believe that Oswald shot JFK because they don’t want to, first and foremost. See the Skeptoid quote above. Here is my article on the subject:

Link updated to most recent article. -ed.


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