WoW ‘Toons & Servers Update

This is an update for a previous post. I’m on 4 World of Warcraft servers, but I’m really only active on two. One for Horde characters, one Alliance.

Horde are on the Terenas server.

  • Rasmuerta – Level 80 Troll Deathknight (Mining, Blacksmithing) My ‘main’ on horde. She hates humans. A human, Arthas, made her what she is. I find it amusing that Trolls are my least favorite race; and yet, because I made a Troll DK, a Troll is my main horde toon. Strange how things work out.
  • Creavishop – Level 61 Undead Warlock (Tailoring, Enchanting) I discovered that tailoring is essential for making containers in the game. I also discovered that Auction House prices can be ludicrously high for in demand items. So I tend to advance the toons that make these items. Undead is the only race for a Warlock, in the current game (My opinion) With the introduction of Worgen in Cataclysm, I’ll make an alliance Warlock that I can advance.
  • Tharthurm – Level 54 Tauren Warrior (Mining, Skinning) Tharthurm will be bidding us farewell when Cataclysm is released. He was always supposed to be a Paladin. I can finally make one for the Tauren with that expansion of the game. I will be making a goblin warrior. A goblin engineer. Tauren, however, are my favorite horde race. I’ll have 4 of them when Cataclysm comes out.
  • Uroga – Level 33 Orc Hunter (Mining, Engineering)
  • Olaventa – Level 32 Orc Shaman (Herbalism, Inscription) Doongarind got a sex change. Wanted an Orc female to balance the roster. This toon will be advancing soon. Scribes are also essential.
  • Rakudaga – Level 28 Tauren Druid (Herbalism, Alchemy) Also advancing shortly. Need those alchemy potions.
  • Eugennah – Level 35 Undead Rogue (Skinning, Leatherworking) Will be handing Leatherworking to Uroga soon. Want to see what kind of soulbound dragonscale mail the hunter will be able to make and wear. Eugennah will be taking up mining. I have a hard time suspending disbelief when it comes to looking at the undead models. The elbow and knee joints don’t have any connective tissue, how are they supposed to move?
  • Tanath – Level 32 Blood Elf Mage (Mining, Jewelcrafting) My poor lonely bloodelf. I deleted Kelyndrian because I was unimpressed with the blood elf storyline for Paladins, at least the way it starts. Also, I wanted to explore the new areas available with a Tauren Paladin. I’ve played a mage to 80 already. I’m wondering if I’ll do it again.

Alliance toons are on the Muraden server.

  • Eieloris – Level 80 Night Elf Rogue (Skinning, Leatherworking) I have no main in alliance side. But this is without a doubt my favorite. Usually to be found in Wintergrasp these days. She loves PvP.
  • Juverna – Level 74 Dwarf Hunter (Mining, Skinning) Just can’t seem to get a feel for the Hunter class. I like to play them, but mostly just to collect pets.
  • Tarashal – Level 80 Night Elf Druid (Herbalism, Alchemy) Both my Druids are balance talented. Both will dual spec as healers. So far, Druid is my favorite healer class.
  • Brenelbur – Level 80 Gnome Mage (Tailoring, Enchanting) Bren thought he was a Night Elf for a very long time. I was in a quandary when Cataclysm was announced to finally allow Night Elf Mages. Night Elves renounced arcane magic, how can they have mages? But Bren wants to be one! Bren is staying a Gnome though. Love the laugh.
  • Garabaldi – Level 54 Gnome Warrior (Mining, Engineering) Named for my favorite character on Babylon 5. This toon plays with The Wife’s Alliance toon, when she’s on. He’s a gnomish engineer, of course.
  • Rasputing – Level 64 Draenei Paladin (Mining, Blacksmithing) Armorsmith. Like the hunter, I just can’t seem to get a feel for Paladin. Still, they seem to be the best tanking class. My Draenei will be exploring the full range of quests in Outland, since that is their homeland.
  • Raslinda – Level 54 Draenei Shaman (Mining, Jewelcrafting) Possibly my favorite toon to watch move. Also, potentially my next favorite healing class.
  • Keslingra – Level 60 Dwarf Priest (Herbalism, Inscription) I wasn’t even going to do priests for a long time. But I decided to give the class a chance. Remarkably versatile.
  • Rasmortis – Level 80 Human Deathknight (Mining, Blacksmithing) Weaponsmith. In my view Deathknights should be human in the same way the rogues are all female. Previous Blizzard games have set these facts in my mind, can’t help it.

The Daughter named our guild (same name, both servers) by mistyping ‘frost wyrm riders’. The rest of us liked the typo Frosty Wyrm Riders better. It means what you want it to mean. For me, it means our toons do a wee bit of drinking in game. Or maybe we’re just ‘staying frosty‘.

Anyway, the levels progress, and some of the toons are maxxed. The 80’s that aren’t PvP obsessed are gearing for Icecrown, which I hope to do before it becomes like all the other low level raids; bypassed.

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