Violence in the Media Not Responsible for Real Violence

There is no evidence, none whatsoever, that video games, movies or television violence is in any way causational or even correlational with real world violence.

In fact, video games are tied to a decrease in actual violence. An economic study published in February 2016 found a reduction in crime in the weeks after major video game releases. A handful of similar studies conducted from a range of perspectives have come to the same conclusion.

A 2013 review by the American Psychological Association noted a link between violent video games and short-term spikes in aggressive behavior — but this study was quickly rebuffed by many experts. More than 230 psychologists, media scholars and criminologists signed an open letter arguing the APA used faulty methodology and relied on bias to reach its conclusions.

“This decline in societal violence is in conflict with claims that violent video games and interactive media are important public health concerns,” the group wrote. “The statistical data are simply not bearing out this concern and should not be ignored.”

The thing that the Orange Hate-Monkey (OHM) is blaming for street violence is simply not a thing. Blaming the media for the fact that anyone can get a high-powered human killing machine is nothing more than a distraction from the truth that weapons are everywhere in our society and that military weapons are seen as sources of power.

There are too many guns in the cities. That’s the problem. Get the guns out of the cities, out of the hands of people who don’t understand how to use them, can’t be relied upon to use them sensibly. If it takes reinstating the draft for the purpose of weapons training and accreditation, then that’s what it takes. Short of that, making all semi-automatic purchases conform to the regulation on full-automatic weapons, we would see a radical reduction in the numbers of guns on the streets. Nothing short of this kind of action will have the desired impact on gun violence. If you won’t do what we want, we will replace you with people who will.

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