Down For The Count

I threw my back out last week. I have been on muscle relaxers and painkillers since last Wednesday when I fainted while picking up a chair. A chair that weighed less than 10 pounds.

On Monday the doctor gave me some new ‘scripts with even better meds, and now I find myself amused just watching patterns on the wall. I realized I hadn’t told anyone about this debacle while chatting with my guildmates in World of Warcraft yesterday, and I thought I’d at least post a status here rather than suffer through endless phone calls and commiserations and suggestions by trying to remember and dial everyone’s phone number. I’m going back to laughing at the FSM I just noticed in one of those patterns in the wallpaper.

This reminds me of a song:

Flowers On The Wall by Statler Brothers


I found another version of the song:

Eric HeatherlyFlowers On The Wall – Oct 7, 2009

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