Arnold Schwarzenegger For President

Fuck it. Let’s change the Constitution. Arnold Schwarzenegger for President. Can’t be worse than Trump. Let’s nominate him and elect him whether the Constitution is changed or not. It’s not like rules seem to matter at the top in any case.

Trump is pissing on Arnie’s first episode as host of Celebrity Apprentice? Arnold Schwarzenegger may be hosting, but I’m still not watching the show. I don’t have cable and I wouldn’t watch that show even if I did. I hate reality TV. But President Trump is pissong on Arnie’s first episode of the show in public, because that’s the kind of hateful jackass we’ve elected president.

Arnie would be a better president than Donald Trump if all he did was stand in front of the camera and flex for four straight years.

Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

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