I ran every single toon through the World of Warcraft Noblegarden event this year. Every single active toon I have. What is the Noblegarden event? It is World of Warcraft’s world event that roughly corresponds with Easter out in the real world. It is roughly like Easter in that there is a lot of chocolate eggs, dressing up, and various other achievements that you can chalk up for your characters:

facebook the first of seven solid days of achievements.


I deleted the Troll Death Knight (directly above) in 2018 when I abandoned my Horde cohort on Terenas server. I deleted her even though she was once my main Horde toon. Death Knights are one of the easiest classes to level since they start at 10 in Shadowlands, skipping the first ten levels and the intro dungeon completely. I’ve recreated her on several servers over the years, but this one was the original. Rest in peace, Rasmuerta.

Garabaldi had a sex change and became Rasmillia, a story I mention in the Long Quest Completed article. Rasputing, Uroga and Juverna (The Dwarf Hunter in the first picture) were casualties of my determination to change the way I played World of Warcraft when I signed back on at the end of the Legion expansion. I didn’t like playing Paladins or Hunters, so I saw little reason to keep the toons that were in those classes after I had finished my long quest. I keep toying with recreating a hunter to test the new class changes, but I just don’t have time for more alts.

I can remember taking that last screenshot thinking “whew, I’m glad to be done.” When I looked at what the vendors are offering this year, I realized I have to gather another 450 chocolate eggs if I want to get the new stuff you can buy for the event. There is also a specialized event hearthstone, so I just might get out there and shake that bunny maker again. Never can tell.

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