Conspiracy Fantasies & Jessie Ventura

Dan Carlin’s latest Common Sense is out (Show 173 – Firefighting with Gasoline) Strangely, I could not get emotionally involved in either of the topics for this show. If anything, they pretty much summed up why I dropped out of politics. I used to find conspiracy theories fascinating. But like the ever repeating alien stories on Coast to Coast at night, they just get more far-fetched. I think it was Loose Change that soured me on the whole subject. It’s too easy to just throw a few video clips together these days, add a little voice track, and viola you have another conspiracy in the making.

On the other hand, the militia arrests that have been in the news are highly illustrative of political idealism carried to its ultimate conclusion. What about the plane that was crashed into an IRS building in Austin? Is that any relation political idealism? If taxes are theft, a common libertarian mantra, then why allow the theft to continue? If you are a Libertarian, a member of the party, then you sign a pledge renouncing violence as a political means. If you aren’t, and you’ve drank the kool aid, what’s stopping you? When I found myself sympathizing with the violent groups that keep popping up, I decided it was time to leave the whole process. The US may burn itself down in a fit of self hatred in the next couple of years, but I’m not lighting that match.

Here’s a conspiracy for you.


I remember being floored by this segment when it aired, and then I forgot about it till Robin Williams complimented Jon Stewart for it while on the show this week. Too funny.

Jesse Ventura was the second segment on Dan’s Common Sense show, promoting his book American Conspiracies. While I didn’t care for the subject he was there to talk about, I found the discussion of the rules concerning the Presidential debates to be quite enlightening. I’d love to see Ventura run as an independent for President. See if they can keep him out of the debates. A former governor, a media figure, but he’s not qualified to be invited to the debates?

It’ll never happen though. They’d be too afraid he’d pull something like this on them.

I have no idea what this video was of now (5/17/2018) Imagine some scary body-slam or perhaps a scene from the Running Man of Jesse Ventura playing Captain Freedom saying or doing something threatening. The clip was pulled and there is no record of what the clip was as far as I can determine. Whatever you might imagine I’d put here is probably funnier or more outrageous than anything I could put here now. Use your imagination and laugh or scream. Knock yourself out.

If FOX was this entertaining all the time, I might actually tune in to watch.

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