Reading Comprehension, Anyone?

So I started a thread over at the WoW forums with the title It’s Not that Dungeons are Hard… (12 pages now. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m talking about) trying to respond to the developers and players wrongheaded assessment of the problems with the current incarnation of World of Warcraft. You’d think that the title would sort of give the thrust of the argument away; that I’m in fact saying that I like my games to be challenging.

But I’ve gotten at least 10 responses, variations on a theme. The theme being “if you want the game to be easier, go play a different game” (I think I’m safe in assuming that Blizzard does not endorse this suggestion, as a remedy to frustration playing their games) apparently everyone who has a complaint about this game is really a crappy player that just wants the game to be easier. What I’m betting though is I’m running across players that don’t quest, or if they do, they have to have quest tips turned on; because people with that low a score on reading comprehension can’t possibly follow written directions successfully. Let’s hope they’re never asked to empty a piss filled boot with directions written on the bottom…

This game is too easy. Here’s an example. I miss when you had to train a weapon. If you’d never used a mace before, and suddenly found one you liked, you could be pounded to death by everyone else until you really learned how to use that weapon (I always thought that training dummies should have provided this experience, but…) I also miss when hunters had to actually stock ammo for their weapons, instead of magically having bullets and arrows available at all times. I miss when rogues had to brew their own poison, or when they had to earn the ability to use poison with a quest, or any number of a dozen or more simplifications that make the game easier now (flashy buttons that let you know which spell to cast being top of the list. No, actually, I like that change. But the wife doesn’t) in Cataclysm than it EVER HAS BEEN.

Ah, those were the days.

Author: RAnthony

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