Gary Johnson For President!

If the Republicans had a brain that is. If they had brains they’d be yelling that from the rooftops everywhere in the country. They don’t, so they won’t be and he won’t be President. Here he is sitting down with Stephen Colbert on Monday:

The old as time itself drive to “Punish, Punish” that the Republican’s are caught up in has to be abandoned, if they want to be taken seriously. If they want to win in two years. Time to prove they can be progressive. Embrace Gary Johnson, and nominate him. Prove to the rest of us that you’ve advanced beyond the dark ages.

I dare you.


The Republicans nominated Mitt Romney in 2012. Mitt Romney? WTF, Republicans? Didn’t you get the message? Straight-laced magic underwear white guys are so last century.

I apparently was quite the fanboy for Gary Johnson back in the day. Two years later in 2012 I was posting about his appearance on’s presidential debate, the only debate to include the libertarian candidate for president. That’s right. Gary Johnson left the Republicans to lead the Libertarian Party to another defeat. It’s not his fault. The LP simply isn’t serious about winning elections. has been claimed by time. The link can still be found on the wayback machine: I’m betting I was a fanboy because he wanted to let us all smoke weed back in the days when it was still unfashionable to light up a doobie. In 2021 everyone wants to let us do that except Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The last bastion of conservative dogma? If only time would claim White Nationalism the way it claims everything else, the world would truly be a better place.

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