Three Generations of “America to the Rescue”

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, referencing the predicament in Iraq.

Season 12 Ep 110 08/22/07 

The best line from the clip?

“Oh billions of dollars… Is there no dispute you can’t settle?”

The picture of Cheney as Secretary of Defense staring over Jon’s shoulder as he discusses the wisdom of not invading Iraq during Gulf War I, using Cheney’s own words at the time (“it would be a morass”) also priceless.

Mea culpa review 2017. For the record, Comedy Central‘s handling of the transition from Jon Stewart to the current (extremely capable if simply not so widely appealing) Trevor Noah leaves a ton of things to be desired. One of the most obvious things is not being able to find the old shows featuring Jon simply for purposes of reference and historical documentation. After about an hour of searching, I discovered the title had been changed. Finally. Watch through to the next clip which is an excellent interview with an incredibly young-looking Barack Obama.

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