Health Insurance, Obamacare & Republican Collectivism

I was reading Larry Elder’s column over at the Atlasphere, Republican Collectivism, and in it I rediscovered everything that I disagree with when it comes to resistance to Obamacare. Not that I like Obamacare, I haven’t even read the bill. Here’s a snippet.

Take this issue of those with pre-existing illnesses. Many Republicans actually support government action to prevent insurance companies from refusing to insure them. Ignoring the benefits of cost-lowering free market competition and the role of charity, many Republicans believe it acceptable to force an insurance company — in business to insure against unknown risks — to “insure” someone currently experiencing a known risk.

OK. First off, health insurance is misnamed. it’s not insurance, except for the fact that it’s offered by insurance companies. It was invented near here at the Baylor Medical Center, in the 30’s, as a way to get people to come to hospitals. This system was encouraged and given tax subsidies by the state and federal governments over the years, as a preferred method to get healthcare to the masses, without government having to do the legwork (like so many systems in the US, it was built by laziness on the part of authorities, rather than intelligent debate, and testing) or anybody actually thinking about the issue.

It’s a government regulated and subsidized industry that pays for people’s healthcare, already. It’s not like this is free market activity that is somehow unsullied. And it’s broken. It needs to be fixed.

Pre-existing conditions is a blanket reason to drop any insured person who gets sick, whether it was truly pre-existing or not. I’ve seen this done on many people over the years. To jump up in defense of this practice is to completely not understand the real context that the practice is used under.

If they aren’t going to cover my costs, I have no use for them. Scrap the entire system, make it a charitable national fund, that individuals and ‘real’ insurers (read as ‘catastrophic care’. If you want someone to pay for your doctor visits, get an accountant, or join a pool. don’t call it insurance) can contribute to. Privately run, if possible.

Either that, or let the Obamacare take over. But the status quo has to go.

True healthcare reform requires less government involvement, not more. Every time this subject comes up we get more of the same, and American’s have stated time and again that the usual solutions aren’t acceptable. How many times do we have to go through this? How about we try something different? Expand HSA’s so everyone can have one. Make tax credits available for everyone who buys insurance, not just businesses. Create a Private charity pool at the national level so that those people with severe illnesses can get treatment without going bankrupt. Remove the insurance industry from the picture, except for those who want to do business with them. Remove the federal government from the picture as much as possible. Seriously, how about a *real* change?

(Sound of head exploding) Back to WoW.

Author: RAnthony

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