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Join my Alliance! Drazi Freehold in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Yes. That is a Babylon 5 reference in a mobile game. The banners were Green and Purple. It sort of just happened. If you are on a mobile interface with the game installed, the links above will open the game and show you the alliance tab. There you can join the alliance. If you don’t have the game installed, or if you are on a desktop, the link will open the page for the game, where you can have the game downloaded to your phone.

I created this article just to see how the invite function would work in the game. I was not credulous that it would work because there are no pages with guilds on them on the game website, and no catalog of players like you might find on Blizzard or Steam or one of the other gaming aggregator sites.

I have tested it myself. It does appear to work. I can’t join my guild because I’m already in it, but I do get a tab with the guild’s name on it. So, that part works. We have to have 23 players in the guild in order to participate in the new guild wars, which we don’t have, and I don’t feel like joining one of the other guilds in the game. So if you are curious, jump on in and give the game a try.

Here is a link to the game in the Google play store. The game has a recurring bug in the programming that causes it to crash on varying systems based on which build was used for which platform. I suspect that there is a disagreement between programmers as to which approach to coding graphics is the right one. At least one of those programmers is correct. I couldn’t tell you which one.

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