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April 26, 2008Guest: John Allen Paulos

Theocracy Alert; National Day of Prayer, National Prayer Breakfast.

Nothing Fails like Prayer.

Segment from Room With a View on Masterpiece. Phone calls.

John Allen Paulos, Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don’t Add Up. Complexity developing from simple rules; the market, for example. A free marketeer should, by default, accept evolution as valid.

It goes on from there. A very good interview.

2007 Archive episode.
April 28, 2007Special Guest: Author Rob Boston

First anniversary Episode.

Theocracy Alert features Jay Sekulow (fast talker. With all the baggage that entails) and Annie Laurie Gaylor on The O’Reilly Factor.

Rob Boston is the guest. Not only a writer, he represents a ‘competing’ separation of church and state group. His group has been part of several cases (two in Texas that he talked about, as well as the Dover case and the Prison Fellowship case) before the court concerning religion’s intrusion into government.

Piety & Politics Reverend Barry W. Lynn.
Why the Religious Right is Wrong About Separation of Church and State

Freethinker’s Almanac finishes out the episode; Edward Gibbon, Mary Wollstonecraft and US Grant.

2006 Archive episode.
April 29, 2006Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . . Rhymes for the Irreverent

This is the first episode of Freethought Radio that was broadcast at The Mic 92.1. Thanks to whoever it was at “Madison’s Progressive Talk” that thought to put this show on the air.

Theocracy Alert (before they started calling it that) Concerns the VA establishment of a spiritual/faith assessment as part of it’s health care practices. Religious belief has nothing to do with faith, no matter what Christian Scientists say otherwise. FFrF is suing over this practice.

Yip Harburg’s son Ernie is the first guest. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favorite showtunes, written by Yip Harburg. It was the right way to start the archives (and the program) to start with a show featuring well-known American icons like the songs for The Wizard of Oz, written by an almost unknown composer who was also a freethinker.

Rhymes for the Irreverent. Chad Mitchell Trio.

The second guest Penny Edgell conducted a study concerning the acceptance of various groups within the American society. Not surprisingly, Atheists finished last. (PDF of study)

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