FFrF Radio: America is Not a Christian Nation

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August 23, 2008Guests: Ernie Chambers and Katha Pollitt
Saddleback abomination. Religious test for office. Homophobia on parade. Supreme misunderstanding.

5:20 Ernie Chambers 2nd appearance; discusses his case against god; omnipotence & omniscience precludes service. the case was brought specifically because courts should be open to any body for any reason (the way the law reads in Nebraska) he goes through a few of the counts against god listed in the lawsuit.

18:40 Catha Pollitt, flocking to faith; Obama’s complete betrayal of the constitution, with his announcement to continue the faith based initiative.

She qualifies her bile with her intention to continue her support for Obama. I find this blind subservience to any political faction sad & disgusting.

2007 Archive episode.
August 25, 2007America is not a christian nation

Convention blurb

5:15 theocracy alert. Texas pledge modification (how about no pledge? My children do not pledge) David Vidder, latest conservative hypocrite. Bill Moyers’ religious judgment error with Martin Marty. God’s warriors.

20:30 Ed Buckner has a chapter in Everything You Know About God is Wrong with the title America is not a christian nation. To some of us, this is not news. Decent interview all the same.

2006 Archive episode.
August 26, 2006The Evolving Religious Assault on Evolution: Lawrence Lerner

Neo-Nazis protesting on women’s equality day. Only Turkey has a smaller percentage of people who accept the proof of evolution than the US. Evolution left off list of acceptable low income US education grants. Pope sacks astronomer. Coulter smears Darwin (earns label of coultergeist)

Larry Lerner representing the Fordham Foundation and the report he co-wrote www.edexcellence.net on science standards in the classroom. The discussion revolves around the problems of setting and maintaining education standards, and the evolving nature of creationism.

Kristen Lems & Dan Barker sing The Preacher & the Slave

Freethinkers almanac.

There are those who say Dawkins goes too far in his attack on religion. That he fails to understand the true nature of religious mystery; that his criticism relies on a parody of faith that he himself set in place, and that people do not take seriously anymore. those who make that objection tend to belong to the mild kindly end of the religious spectrum. these days we should be in no doubt of what the other end of the spectrum is like and we might remember that no social structure ever gives up power because it wants to. If some parts of the christian church are decent and tolerant today, it is because the crusaders and inquisitors and witch burners have been shamed and stripped of their authority by the great critics of religion, some indeed who belonged to the church itself. But all of whom were accused in their time of going too far.

Philip Pullman

we don’t trust numbers to build up a cause; rather we look at principles, to the truth and the right.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Editor’s note

This article ended a year spent detailing individual episodes of Freethought Radio, a task I set myself almost on a lark after being told by FOX news that the show should never be heard on American airwaves. As you can tell from the spotty work done on some of the episodes, it was a task that I regretted taking on long before I got to the end of the year that I set as my goal.

Freethought Radio still isn’t accessible on an individual episode basis on the Freedom From Religion Foundation website. You have to go to the archive page and hunt and peck for the individual episode you are looking for. I have also stopped listening to the podcast on a regular basis. I still catch the odd episode when I have need of something different to listen to, and there is a episode in the queue that looks interesting to me.

The format of the show has never changed and neither of the two hosts of the show really seem to understand how to conduct a radio show that isn’t grindingly repetitive. They have at least managed to stay on the air, week in and week out for nearly fifteen years now. This is more than I can say for other podcasters out there.

FFrF Radio: Second Week of August

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August 16, 2008Guests: Julia Cicci, ROTC cadet and unbeliever and Sarah Braasch, FFRF legal intern

Theocracy Alert – Priests convicted, testimony of victims. Black collar crimes are listed in every issue of Freethought Today; More proof of Bush’s mental illness.

9:20 – Interview – Julia Cicci – Non-religious invocation.

18:30 – Interview – Sarah Braash – Former Jehovah’s Witness, talks about how religion terrorizes children.

2007 Archive episode.
August 18, 2007Religion Writer Loses Religion

5:30 theocracy alert – Indiana chaplaincy program ended; Christian embassy; Left Behind video game promo in ‘care’ packages from Operation Startup. Carl rove resignation & proof of George W. Bush’s schizophrenia.

28:30 Interview – William Lobdell, He had faith in his job Discusses the website http://www.whydoesgodhateamputees.com and faith healers like Benny Hinn. (Where are the ambulance chasers? Why isn’t there a lawsuit for fraud from faith healers?) Trinity broadcasting telling people to charge their contributions even if they can’t pay their debts. (apparently god wants you to be a debt slave)

48:15 Freethinkers Almanac

2006 Archive episode.
August 19, 2006An Atheist in a Foxhole: Philip Paulson

Philip Paulson, atheist in foxhole, his 17 year fight against the Mount Soledad cross. His case has since been taken up by Steve Trunk. Terminal cancer sufferers should all look to this man as an inspiration. I want to have the energy he has, and I don’t have cancer.

Dan Barker performs “None of the Above”

FFrF Radio. First week of August

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August 2, 2008Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics For Choice, Ryan Valentine of the Texas Freedom Network

Jon O’Brien was on in part because of the plight of Webster Cook (on Freethought Radio two weeks ago) and in part a response to William Donahue who has capitalized on events of late, gaining the spotlight by claiming victimhood for Catholics and christians in general. As President of Catholics for Choice, Jon O’Brien has a few pointed comments in response to Donahue’s appearances in the media.

Ryan Valentine (calling from Austin!) of the Texas Freedom Network was interviewed concerning the SBOE’s ill-advised decision last week to pass guidelines for Bible Courses in Texas (I sent my objections to the governor myself, with the suggestion that McLeroy should be sacked) litigation has already been filed, so additional state expenditures on this issue are guaranteed.

Texans interested in preserving the separation of church and state in Texas should Take Action at the TFN website.

It ain’t necessarily so.
The things that your liable to read in the bible,
it ain’t necessarily so.

George Gershwin, Porgy & Bess

2007 Archive episode.
August 4, 2007Special Guest: August Brunsman, director of the Secular Student Alliance

Theocracy Alert. Newspaper editor with more status than brains is set straight; at least on this program. She remained unapologetic in the face of several letters of protest.

August Brunsman of the Secular Student Alliance was on to discuss the advancing cause of freethought amongst the next generation, and the disturbing amount of money funneled into christian causes like Campus Crusade.

Dan Barker’s work on Yip Harburg‘s Rhymes for the Irreverent. Snippets from this song are frequently used as bumper music in later episodes of the show.

Pagan pulpit wraps up the episode. Tithing supported in the bible? Not the way you might think.

Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.

West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

2006 Archive episode.
August 5, 2006Agnostic Recalled from Office over Pledge Issue: Dave Habecker

Theocracy Alert. Reading from the Associated Baptist Press, a speech by Walter Sheridan, calling attention to recent disturbing trends in religion. The continuing saga of the Mt. Solidad Cross.

Dave Habecker was recalled from his trustees position in Estes Park, Colorado, for failing to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance (I’m betting my position on the pledge would send Estes Park into orbit) which does nothing less than establish a religious test for holding office.

Freethinkers Almanac features Rupert Brook and Percy Shelley.

I’m studiously ignoring the plug for Inconvenient Truth at the end of the episode, because it’s not convenient to rant about the environment right now. But then, there’s always Bullshit! to fall back on, when the previous rants fall short.

FFrF Radio: Fourth Week of July

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July 26, 2008Mike Christensen, Seattle “Imagine No Religion” Billboard Booster

Gershwin’s Summertime introduces the show, followed by a clip from Letting Go of God.

Mike Christensen sponsored an “Imagine No Religion” billboard in Seattle. He changed his definition of agnostic, and that’s why he’s now an atheist. Sounds familiar. It’s interesting to hear from a member of a younger generation on a thoughtful subject; like the impact of religion on the world.

Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.

Steven Weinberg

2007 Archive episode.
July 28, 2007Emily Lyons, survivor of religious antiabortion terrorism

Theocracy Alert. CNN YouTube debate snippets and related editorializing. This is how the hosts always get in trouble, and they do it again. One of the question dealt with candidate support for “public” schools, which Annie Laurie lamented were being robbed of funds by “parochial schools” in rigged voucher systems.

I’ve said this several times before, but it bears repeating. They aren’t public schools, they are government or state schools, not much better than prisons in their current form. The alternative to government schools isn’t religious schools (as Annie Laurie has implied more than once) it’s competition for the best education to be had for the least amount of tax burden. The alternative to a top down Soviet-styled federal education bureaucracy (what we have now, or are moving towards) is a real education marketplace.

Far more important than establishing godless money (the question that followed the school question) is establishing a separation of school and state.

Am I wrong to fear the dogma of the left/socialist as much as I fear the dogma of the right/fascist? (Short answer? Yes. -ed.) Why can’t we throw out all the dirty bathwater, and just embrace American liberty? Take all the funds from the overfunded government schools, and force them to compete in an education marketplace, let the best educators win.

While I am concerned (as the hosts are) about the religious test imposed by the public on their candidates; I’m more concerned with the imposition of outdated state structures on today’s youth.

Emily Lyons was injured in a clinic bombing by a Right-to-Lifer (how can one kill and support a “right to life”? It’s an unsupportable conflict, and no counter-arguments will be accepted) terrorist, Eric Robert Rudolph. Truthfully, the interview is hard to listen to, for me. I have an almost uncontrollable rage response when it comes to people who are willing to kill for their peaceful religions.

Raging Grannies sing, and then loving messages from christian fans closes out the show.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.

Blaise Pascal

2006 Archive episode.
July 26, 2006Scopes II: Alvin Harris

Theocracy Alert this week features a listing of theocracies advances, counter pointed with theocracies defeats (they ought to try this more often) The verdict in the Andrea Yeats trial is discussed, along with the impact on someone else who hears voices in his head, George Bush.

Alvin Harris’ interview revolved around his representation of FFrF in a case concerning Bryan college and the legacy of the scopes trial (FFrF vs. Rhea County School System) Evangelicals who wish to promote their religion in the government schools should remember the lessons of the founders, and their experience with state mandated religious education. What happens when the government adopts a flavor of christianity that you don’t agree with?

Dan Barker performs I Ain’t Afraid

FFrF Radio: Third Week of July

Podcast Link. July 19, 2008Webster Cook, student senator and non-eater of communion wafers

Sarah Braasch returns to talk about prayer imposed on senior citizens. If I was restricted to use of federally funded services, I think I’d take exception to being forced to pray in order to eat. Which is what Sarah’s report was about. FAQ at FFrF.org

Dan waxes poetic on the subject of reincarnation.

Webster Cook attended a mass recently because a friend was curious about what actually occurs during a Catholic mass. During the mass, he received communion but failed to eat the wafer (he was, in fact, raised Catholic) He’s now being charged with a hate crime, and possible expulsion from school. Go figure. It’s hard to imagine how anything more ridiculous could have evolved out of this situation.

Excuse me if I find this entire subject laughable. I’ve talked to several Catholics over the years who have told me that they never eat the communion wafers. “You never know where those things have been”.

2007 Archive episode. July 21, 2007The God Who Wasn’t There

The episode opens with a tribute to the Harry Potter stories. The seventh Harry Potter book was released at midnight the day of the broadcast. I was out there with the rest of the fans, myself.

Theocracy alert deals with a disruption during the Senate invocation prayer. (Why we as taxpayers pay for Senate chaplains is beyond me. I thought they were all sworn to poverty?) and a discussion of the sad state of affairs when it comes to Catholic priests and child abuse.

(Why not advertise Trojans on TV? Can’t be any worse than ED treatments or female hygiene products)

Brian Flemming produced “The God Who Wasn’t There“.

BeyondBeliefMedia“The God Who Wasn’t There” – Trailer – Apr 29, 2006

I’ve seen it (and I won’t go see the Passion of the Christ. Talk about Torture Porn) I hate to say this, but I think the interview was better than the film. I haven’t had the chance to watch the entire DVD, but I understand that there is more information on the DVD than is included in the film itself.

The film inspired the Blasphemy Challenge (I first heard about this on FTL) which has 1509 video responses as of this writing; 508 of whom signed a ticket to hell (unless they have one of these; I have a whole box of them) and didn’t even get a DVD.

2006 Archive episode. July 22, 2006“Gideons and Guantanamo”

For legal buffs, George Daly represented FFrF in their objection to a bible distribution day. He has also represented clients held at Gitmo.

It’s frightening to think this was two years ago, and they have just now granted that these prisoners have a right to a hearing under US law. These prisoners will be waiting at least another year before they even get their hearing, and it could be another couple of years before any of them could be released. That’s over a decade of imprisonment for some of these guys, some of them simply swept up for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 3650 days versus one day for a US citizen accused of a real crime. What a joke our laws are.

Pagan pulpit and Dan’s Battle of Church and State close out the episode.

FFrF Radio: Second Week of July

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July 12, 2008Guest: David Mills

The episode starts with a brief discussion of the upcoming FFrF National Convention October 10-12th 2008. I’ve been to the Hyatt in Chicago before. I doubt that FFrF will have attendance equivalent to a Worldcon, but I wish them luck. Sounds like an interesting event. (Clift’s book link)

The audio from a video interview with Jeremy Hall on CNN was played. Jeremy Hall has been on Freethought Radio before.

Freethinkers Almanac makes a reappearance in this episode. Robert A. Heinlein is a July freethinker (check out JOB: a Comedy of Justice if you have any doubts)

David Mills is on to plug his new book Atheist Universe. His objection, that religious parents and teachers use the ultimate club “you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe like I do” to manipulate children, is something that rings a bell with me. Fear of hell was the most motivating part of my belief. In the end, it wasn’t enough.

“Fundamentalists are imposing themselves on our reality”

2007 Archive episode.
July 14, 2007Religion-Free Iceland

Odd, this episode also starts with a promo for an annual convention. I think I see a pattern.

A painful segment from the BBC on priestly abuse of children follows. Not for the squeamish. Followed by proof that Pope Benedict isn’t in touch with reality (neither is the sitting Texas governor for that matter) declaring that Jesus formed only one church.

Hope Knutsson is President of Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association.

Icelanders go to church 4 times in their lives; and two of those they have to be carried in. (Icelandic humor)

Phone calls (pro and con) wind up the episode.

2006 Archive episode.
July 15, 2006Losing Faith in Faith: Dan Barker

Theocracy alert leads off with this nightmarish figure.

What I said about this episode, previously;

I neglected to mention the two episodes in the archive in which you can learn more about the hosts. Two of the earliest episodes feature one of the co-hosts interviewing the other. Both are memorable. One is Losing Faith in Faith in which we hear more about the history of the former pastor Dan Barker. The other is Religion’s Harm to Women and the history of Annie Laurie Gaylor. If I had to pick my favorite of the two, Ms. Gaylor is a more interesting interview subject (sorry Dan) although there is much to learn from Dan’s trip from believer to non-believer.

Dan’s song Blood Brothers always chokes me up, having to give up the beliefs of youth. Life was so much simpler then; but this life is real, trying to hold on to those illusions would not be.

Dan’s book, Losing Faith in Faith has been in print since 1991.

Freethinkers Almanac finishes up the episode. (Han Solo was a freethinker? Well, I don’t know about Han, but Harrison Ford…)

FFrF Radio: First Week of July

I don’t know what happened, but what went over the air this Saturday was a repeat of Stolen Innocence from two weeks ago. It was worth a second listen (I generally listen to them three times by the time I get a review written) and Elissa Wall’s story is one that everyone who is following the story of the FLDS in Texas should hear.

The California Gay Marriage humor brings the messed up state of marriage in Texas to the forebrain again. Not content in just discriminating against gays when it comes to giving out tax bennies (let’s call a spade a spade here. This is why gays want to get married. It should be available to anyone in a long term relationship) now, one of our state reps wants to make divorce more difficult to obtain. This is what you get when you let the state get involved in these sorts of personal decisions.

Warren Chisum. Someone else that should be looking for paying work instead of wasting my tax dollars.

The website published the announced episode, however, so I’ll link to it and discuss it.

Podcast Link.
July 5, 2008Guest: Nica Lalli

The episode begins with a long discussion of Obama’s newfound support for Bush’s failed faith-based initiative program. Considering his flip-flop on the FISA spying bill, and his shifting foreign policy, I’m beginning to wonder if his campaign for change is going to include any.

There was a brief discussion of the annual independence day weekend bash in Lake Hypatia, Alabama, and the atheists in foxholes monument that is located there.

Nica Lalli was the featured guest. Her interview is primarily geared towards raising children outside of faith, but finished up with her experiences as a believer in nothing.

2007 Archive episode.
July 7, 2007Special Guest: Darrell Lambert, expelled atheist Eagle Scout

It bears mentioning that news articles concerning FFrF can be found at FFrF Media coverage.

Darrell Lambert highlights one of the most disturbing things to have occurred in recent years, at least as relates to my own childhood. I was a Cub Scout, Webelo and Boy Scout. I used to love to camp, when I could tolerate pollen, and Boy Scout camp outs were some of the best memories.

To have the current leadership of the Boy Scouts be so blind as to exclude atheists and gays from their ranks is almost too painful to contemplate. Some of the more disturbing memories involve attempts at religious conversion by the zealots in the troops I was a part of. I’d rather have a camp fire and a good ghost story any day.

The episode ended with a discussion concerning the lack of god in the founding US documents. It’s something I’ve noted before.

2006 Archive episode.
July 8, 2006Fighting Creationism: Rep. Berceau

Rep. Berceau on her Integrity of Science Education Act; Eugenie Scott from NCSE discusses evolution defense within the public schools. I found it rather entertaining that the second guest disagreed with the stance of the first guest, when it came to legislating what is science. I’d say that Eugenie Scott understands the nature of bureaucracy better than Dan and Laurie do.

FFrF Radio: Fourth Week of June

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June 28, 2008Guest: Champion of the First Amendment: Jim McCollum

Another ode to the defeat of prayer in schools (not that I disagree on the subject) The episode featured audio segments that many long time listeners probably have heard before. If you’re new to the long history of the battle between religious believers, and those of us who cherish our secular institutions, then this is a reasonably good introduction to the subject.

This is the 60th Anniversary of McCollum vs. Board of Education. I’d like to personally thank Vashti McCollum for her years of struggle on this issue.

2007 Archive episode.
June 30, 2007Special Guest: Kristin Lems

The announcement concerning the Supreme court travesty of justice that most Americans aren’t even surprised by these days (I think they’ve gotten one case right in the last how many years?) That in Hein v. the Freedom From religion Foundation it was ruled that taxpayers do not have the right to challenge the constitutionality of expenditures by the executive branch of the government. This is a departure from historical precedent.

The audio from this video clip was played in response to the decision.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart – Decisions ’07 – 6/26/2007
Jon spins the Justice Kennedy Wheel for an update on Supreme Court decisions.

(the gag really doesn’t work without the visuals)

The only remaining remedy for us to end the office of faith based initiatives (another extra constitutional office, this one instituted by a purported conservative President. We’ve come a long way since Reagan and ending the education department, haven’t we?) is to lobby Congress to defund the office. One more activity that I’m not going to hold my breath over.

I regret to say that I had never heard of Kristin Lems before this episode. Considering that I was raised in the buckle of the bible belt that is the Great Plains region, I guess that’s to be expected. Days of the Theocracy makes the episode worth listening to by itself.

Of course, this comes from a guy who can quote large sections of Alice’s Restaurant from memory, with great pleasure.

2006 Archive episode.
July 1, 2006“Let There Be Light”

Phillip Appleman is the interviewee. Dan shows off his musical chops, setting some of Appleman’s poems to music. As the blurb on the FFrF site suggests, the Noah poem is the highlight of the episode.

FFrF Radio: Stolen Innocence

Podcast Link.
June 21, 2008Guests: Elissa Wall and Sarah Braasch

California Gay Marriage news leads off the episode.

Sarah Braasch is FFrF’s new intern. She is researching prayer in the Wisconson state assembly, which is highly regulated. It’s no surprise, of course, that the representatives have been pushing the envelope of what a nonsectarian, nondenominational opening prayer is.

Elissa Wall’s story is a prime example of my oft voiced opinion that the other shoe is yet to drop when it comes to the State of Texas v. FLDS. She provides a very telling look into what the FLDS is really all about.

Previous post on the FLDS. The emotional reaction that I have to discussions of women’s roles within these ridiculous fundamentalist churches is almost beyond description. It always reminds me of a story idea that came to me one night. What would a society look like if women were permitted to kill any man, for any reason, from the time of birth. Maybe the average couch dwelling male would listen when the woman spoke, then. Don’t shoot the messenger, it’s just an idea.

Stolen Innocence looks like a good book. I don’t think I’ll be able to read it.

2007 Archive episode.
June 23, 2007Special Guest: Author Barbara G. Walker

Theocracy Alert details yet another example of misapplication of funds within Bush’s ill-advised faith-based failure.

Barbara G. Walker‘s interview wasn’t particularly riveting (she’s no Julia Sweeney) Still, it’s very informative on the subjects that she’s knowledgeable about. The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets sounds like a book I need to put in the library.

Pagan pulpit rounds out the episode with a sermon on the christian trinity. Apparently the passage on the trinity does not appear in the ‘original’ I John 5:7, it was inserted by catholic priests in ages past (current translations do not include the passage) even if it was found in the Bible, how would you make sense of it?

So, it is declared that the Father is God, and the Son God and the Holy Ghost God, and that these three Gods make one God.

According to the celestial multiplication table, once one is three, and three times one is one, and according to heavenly subtraction if we take two from three, three are left. The addition is equally peculiar, if we add two to one we have but one. Each one is equal to himself and the other two. Nothing ever was, nothing ever can be more perfectly idiotic and absurd than the dogma of the Trinity.

Robert Green Ingersoll – The Foundations of Faith

2006 Archive episode.
June 24, 2006“Letting Go of God”: Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney has been mentioned and been a guest on Freethought Radio more times than any other person. I caught “God Said Ha!” on one of the movie channels a few months ago. I set the DVR to record the program based on mentions it received on Freethought.

I didn’t find it that funny (interesting, just not LOL funny) nor did I find Pat that interesting on SNL (truthfully, I haven’t watched SNL since Aykroyd and Belushi left the show. However, the asexual characters you meet inevitably being referred to as Pat proves that her characterizations have progressed to myth status) I had already written a blurb about the impending movie back in November; So when I saw that it was once again time bring up the subject of Letting go of God, because it was time to review the older Julia Sweeney interview, I balked.

I really didn’t want to trash something I hadn’t seen or heard, but I couldn’t recommend something if I hadn’t experienced it either. So, I bit the bullet and wandered over to Audible for a download of the show (brought to my attention by another podcast I listen to) and after fighting with the DRM restrictions for a few minutes (the subject of several rants, one of the reasons I don’t generally use download sites) I finally got the file running. I’m actually glad I took the time to listen to Letting go of God before writing this, because it is a very funny audio program. Heres a video snippet from TED talks:

Julia Sweeney – TED2006 – Letting go of God

Looking forward to the movie now.

Oh, and as far as this episode of Freethought goes, all of the interviews with Julia are entertaining (that’s why I was willing to risk $11 and change on a download I might not have been able to use) this one is no exception.

FFrF Radio: Michael Shermer

Podcast Link.
June 14, 2008Guests: Michael Shermer and Mike Smith

Mike Smith sponsored a billboard in downtown Denver. Hats off to Mike. Now we need a sponsor for I-35 in Austin. Any takers?

Confession. I had nearly given up on reviewing Freethought Radio, until I heard this episode. Michael Shermer’s book Why Darwin Matters was a CATO event which I reference whenever I get into an argument with ID supporters (there’s also the Mind of the Market event) but really, I was just impressed that Dan and Laurie reached outside of their comfortable progressive group and found someone new to talk to.

“Science progresses funeral by funeral” (anonymous observation)

The subject of Expelled was a prominent discussion point in the interview. My thoughts on that worthless film are here. Micheal Shermer’s review is here.

Another good interview.

2007 Archive episode.
June 16, 2007“Lone Star Atheism”

The episode opened with discussion of the ARIS poll and Harris Polls that show a marked decline in religious belief and attendance. I personally like the interactive features at The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. No matter how you slice it, though, there’s no arguing that the US is becoming less concerned with religion.

Which probably explains why the Southern Baptists featured in Theocracy Alert sound so concerned.


I actually listened to this episode a year ago because Catherine Fahringer is from Texas and I wanted to hear the views of a fellow Texan. I was surprised to hear that there was a chapter of FFrF in Texas. They certainly don’t have a web presence.

The story of the German freethinkers slaughtered by Confederate forces was news to this Texan; or that there was a memorial to them in Comfort, Texas. (separate from the Nueces Massacre “Treue der Union” Monument) Time for a freethought pilgrimage?

Dan’s Lucifer’s Lament closes out the episode.

2006 Archive episode.
June 17, 2006Secular Nation: Susan Jacoby

Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism

Paraphrasing Susan Jacoby; It really doesn’t matter what the beliefs of the founding fathers were, what matters was what they put in the founding documents. There is no god in the Constitution; and the ‘creator’ referenced in the Declaration is nothing more than a nod to nature as the creator.

Those of us who have been wandering around in Libertarian circles for the lat 15 years are reasonably familiar with these facts.

Now, the story of Robert Green Ingersoll (the second half of the interview) is something you wouldn’t know about unless you have been looking into the history of disbelief. You certainly wouldn’t have stumbled across his name in school in modern day America, the devout have exorcised him from the history books.

The Da Vinci Code LA Times article

The final segment gets into the part of the interview that I find most interesting. Why are you a non-believer? The varying stories of how and why a person comes to “lose faith in faith” just seem to hold my attention.

The episode finishes up with a rendition of Die Gedanken sind frei.