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June 6, 2008Guest: Jeff Sharlett

FFRF 06/08/08

theocracy alert. Scalea’s speech. Flds statement. Polygamy in the bible.

Freethinkers alm. Richard Strauss robert Schumann cole porter

jeff sharlett spent time with “the family” the hosts of the national prayer breakfast. A veritable who’s who of washington bigwigs attend this gathering every year. but that is just the surface.

2007 Archive episode.
June 9, 2007Michelle Goldberg interview

db officiates @ a wedding as a ordinated non-believer.

theocracy alert. CNN out foxes Fox with their candidates religious forum (solidad o’brien clips? john edwards) why doesn’t hillary just admit she lives in an open marriage, and bill can seek favors from whoever he wishes? Reelection, right.

Complaint form on ffrf

jfk quote.

michelle goldburg kingdom coming salon.com insightful commentary on the rr goals and tactics. Frightening to think about.

2006 Archive episode.
June 10, 2006Onward, Christian Soldier

marion the barbarian (Pat Robertson) some of his more idiotic statements.

bill sizemore investigative reporter studying pr & his shady business dealings. From dirty deals with african dictators; to commercially marketed health aids of dubious quality that he doesn’t even own, there are few sins pr isn’t guilty of. At least he’s never been caught with a prostitute. There is that to say for him (i cringe every time I forget & leave the tv on a station that airs 700 club at night. From humanist trek to antihuman pr; who said the markets were becoming more specialized?)

freethinker blues db

tlkng snks but I’m nuts

theocracy alert heartless ann coulter texas repubs declare america is a christian nation (demonstrably untrue) const gay marriage amend defeated in congress.

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