Birthday Musings

I promised my best friend, while we were sitting down for lunch on my recent birthday, that I would flourish some poison penmanship if I didn’t at least receive a phone call from my blood relations this year. Mother has at least called in previous years, whether she understood the implications of the call or not.

I even mentioned the subject later, when my fellow former S*T*A*R members surprised me with chocolate cake and other goodies (Mark, keep that elbow immobile. Mr. Humor with the White Elephant gifts…) before the Wife and I headed out for our movie marathon.

The children were upset that they were going to miss my birthday, because grandma (The Wife‘s Mom) wanted to see them this summer, and the only available week was the week of my birthday. But my brothers and sisters…? Well, they were watching Da Boys in Central Park (with my Mom, as well. At least Mom confessed) and hadn’t thought to trouble me with the knowledge that they were all getting together. On my birthday. To watch a concert. In New York City.

…Without me.

CBSLos Lonely Boys Jam – Aug 16, 2008
Los Lonely Boys – Nobody Else (from Live at The Fillmore) Mar 10, 2016

Sure. I don’t fly these days. I get vertigo and headaches and the list goes on. Plenty of excuses to go around. But not to even tell me…?

What a burn.

But, every time I started to write this post, something important that I was missing kept bothering me; something I was missing, that I didn’t show proper appreciation for at the time.

Two groups of friends took time out of their busy days to drop by and drag me out to have fun. The Wife and I had a great time watching films that we had put off seeing all summer. The Children brought me gifts, and the Daughter may never speak to my family again, she’s so outraged.

I have friends that care. I know that they care because there isn’t much that I can do for them in return for their kindness. They aren’t kissing up to me looking for favors. I have a wife that I love and who still loves me after 20 years, and I have children who care more about my status in the family than I do.

What else could you ask for on your 45th Birthday?

(Shut up, Id. Tickets to an LLB concert in Central Park were never offered, were they? And that boxed set of SG1 is being delivered. So pipe down back there.)

What else could you ask for?

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