Mamma Mia

If you are prepared to watch a Rock Opera, and if you are prepared to listen to Abba music for an hour and 48 minutes, then I highly recommend this film. If either of those two conditions don’t apply to you, stay away.

I found this film to be a nice trip down memory lane, reminding me of why I liked Abba all those years ago, and marveling at how the songs were worked into to the theme of the play/movie.

I’m glad that the leadership on the film chose actors that could sing, instead of requiring that they be Pavarotti’s that try to act. Yes, there are some rough edges on the soundtrack; but then there are some rough visual edges on the actors as well.

All in all it made for a real feeling film that pulled you into the world it portrays, at the same time bringing back the emotion of being 17 and in love for the first time, again.

Author: RAnthony

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