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From the guy who brought us the definitive political argument:

…we now have the definitive political tickets. J. Michael Straczynski has struck, once again.

I’ll put my money on G’kar/Lando, myself, although the Zathrus/Zathrus ticket does have the definitive plus of being totally incomprehensible on all subjects, making it impossible to pin them down when they contradict themselves (unlike certain Democrat frontrunners)

I personally would prefer a ticket that made sense in today’s world, the need to address global warming, the need to stop profiteering by weapons manufacturers and the sales of our weapons to other countries, but I’ll take a good fictional coupling in the meantime:

The first slate is Londo/G’Kar (or, for those who wish to be contrary, G’Kar/Londo is also available.) They bring a combination of military training, a love of freedom, and sartorial excellences. They are also excellent public speakers and true patriots who put their people ahead of their own interests. Should the electorate find themselves not happy with the slate as elected, whoever is in second position will gladly assassinate the other in order to bring about a referendum.

Similarly, the ticket of Zathras and Zathras promises the best in crisis management at a difficult time for our nation. Their wisdom is inscrutable (also incomprehensible), their dedication to detail is almost frightening, and in times of economic belt-tightening by electing one Zathras you elect all Zathras, nine for the price of the One.

And a weary nation sighs its relief….

Cafepress – The Joe Store via Archive.org

Either ticket stands more of a chance of being elected than any of the slate of candidates offered up by the Republicans (and that includes unfortunately, Ron Paul, whose yard sign is currently visible in my front yard) which makes this election more of a yawner than most.


I have since decided that Ron Paul was not worthy of my support back in 2008, no matter how lukewarm it had been even then. Anyone who was a Republican and now runs third party is suspect, in my opinion. They are retreads, not capable of getting the support they need, even in an opposition party. That should say something to the average voter, and I think it does. That is why third parties remain third parties and why the major parties took center stage ages ago. They generally promote the ideas that a majority of the population demands, or they fail to win elections. Should fail to win, at any rate.

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