Attn: EUReKA; God is not in the details

I posted a positive review of this program a while back, but I feel I need to revise my opinion somewhat.

The show progressed well through the end of the first season, but the finale left a few ends untied; ends that have gotten more and more unraveled as the second season progressed. There were some good episodes as well as bad (as in any series) the science was much flimsier in this season than in last, but they added insult to injury when they wrote and filmed the episode God is in the Details.

Where was this church and it’s religion in the first season and a half? Why do, suddenly, half the people in Eureka find the need for religion, including main characters that have never voiced any belief previously?

Seriously, can we stop catering to the ignorant amongst us, please? Not everyone needs religion.

Scientists do not run to the comfort of religion when presented with the inexplicable. That is antithetical to their nature. The entire episode was so weak on a workable plot that I wondered why they even bothered to film it; I really wish they hadn’t.

That episode combined with the weakening of the character of Allison Blake made the final half of the second season virtually unwatchable. Here’s to hoping the writers come back with some better material next season.

Author: RAnthony

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