Keeping the Political Colors Straight

Getting dizzy listening to party politics these days? Are you ready for the ramp up to election day, just a few short months away? I don’t know about you, but the pointlessness of 9/10ths of all political arguments reminds me of a scene from an episode of Babylon 5 “Geometry of Shadows”. The following is from a synopsis of it:

One purple and one green carries mark of leadership. He who takes leader cloth is leader. He who takes green is Green, and follows Green leader. He who takes purple is Purple, and follows Purple leader.

Full synopsis, Lurker’s guide episode entry
Green vs. Purple Youtube playlist

So when you hear people yelling about anything political,which involves most everything these days what with the expansion of gov’t, Just remember: “Who takes green, is green, follows green leader.” It’s just that simple.


I truncated the quote from the synopsis. It originally had the whole scene in it. I didn’t need the whole scene to communicate the important point, just that one quote. I also added video clips since they are available as I type this. Hopefully they will be available in the future.

What I want to know is, why did I think that it was cool to contract government into gov’t? I’ve corrected that display of linguistic fetishism pretty much everywhere else I’ve run across it on the blog, but I left that one here simply as a reminder of this fact: the stuff you think is cool today? It probably won’t be cool tomorrow.

This image is making the rounds now, has been making the rounds for the last few years. If you think you have to follow the leader when it comes to party politics, you are as dumb as the Drazi are in that episode of B5. You don’t have to follow the leader. If your party leadership is demonstrably insane, you do not have to be insane with them. Heaven help you if you still support Donald Trump. You have no other recourse than counseling or suicide. Take your pick.

…now, if Dick and Jane (or whatever their names are) are smart enough to know when their party has gone off the reservation, good on them. It don’t mean I have make friends with Donald Trump’s Nazi buddies to be an emotional adult. I stopped being amused by lighthearted political camaraderie when half of the structurally encoded two-party system that runs the United States today turned stark raving nuts and elected someone whose single goal was attempting to destroy the federal government. That someone is currently Donald Trump, but unless the party changes it could be some other nutjob because there are dozens of them waiting to destroy the United States.


The comparison between Babylon 5’s Drazi conundrum and modern politics got extremely un-funny after Donald Trump became president. However, it has made the choice of which side to vote for an issue of crystal-clear logic. We have that going for us, I guess.

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