Bizarre Polling Point Poll

I’ve gotten onto several polling lists of late; probably because I have time to respond to them these days. Polling Point sent me a weird one the other day. Mixed in with the usual “Who did you vote for last election?” and “What party are you affiliated with?” type questions (as well as race and other questions that I routinely abstain from answering if I can) was a little gem that went something like:

“Should an illegal immigrant be able to apply for citizenship if he has graduated a U.S. High School, has had no major convictions, and has enrolled in the Military or College?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t understand how anyone who has lived in the U.S. for long enough that he can graduate High School shouldn’t be considered a citizen just on basic principles. Much less if he plans to attend college or join the military.

“You graduated High School? Hell that’s better than a good portion of the children of citizens around here. Come on into the clubhouse!”

Never mind the legal fiction that is the concept of illegal alien in the first place. If you live in a place, you are a citizen of that place. The ability to document your residency should be irrelevant. How many white skinned people get deported back to Europe because they can’t produce documentation to prove they are here legally? I rest my case.

In Polling Points defense, in most polls they offer a comments dialog so that you can give them your opinion of the poll after you’ve taken it. I wrote this on the poll today:

Like all ballot issues, the description of the bills I would vote on go beyond confusing. Clear and plain English should be the requirement.

Ron Paul should be listed as a candidate in the Republican party. It is an !outrage! that he is not.

Left/Right does not accurately describe political views; check out the World’s Smallest Political Quiz for more info.

Race is an illusion. There are no separate races inside the human race. ‘None’ should be an options for those of us who do not claim a race as an identifier.

Atheism is not a religion.

I could go on, but I think I’ve said enough.

Yes, I do rant just about everywhere I go. It’s a burden, let me tell you.

Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

3 thoughts on “Bizarre Polling Point Poll”

  1. I agree with you. Didn’t they have a somewhat of an election poll that never had the results shown? I have checked the results section just about every day, and yet they still don’t show up. I’m sure it’s because Ron Paul devestated the other contenders!

  2. I got a survey from polling point a few days ago asking about something political, as per usual, and I had realized, I know nothing about polling point. Have they paid you prior to this (assuming the points will win you cash?) or have they sent anything to your residence, because they are asking for my address on the last page of this survey, and I can't decide if I should put it in or not!

  3. I have never gotten anything from Polling Point, and I agree with you. Why would you want to trust them with your address info?

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