Doug Benson at Cap City Comedy Club

This is becoming a habit; a habit that makes me laugh. Can there be harm in that?

When I heard that the 6th funniest person in the world was going to be at Cap City this week, I jumped at the chance to sit in on one of his shows. All I can say is, if Last Comic Standing is accurate (tongue firmly in cheek here. See my previous post) then I better stay away from the shows featuring the top three. I might die of a heart attack.

Doug Benson was one of the finalists on LCS that I intended to see if he ever came to town (Cap City isn’t listed as an official tour location at LCS’ site) I’m glad he made the trip.

This is the part where, if I was trying to write a real review, I would try to describe the type of comedy that Doug Benson does (an herbalist with a passion for his subject of choice…?) A task that most people fail at horribly. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I don’t have to try, I can take the easy way out and just point you to his clips on Comedy Central or YouTube, and save myself the time and embarrassment of trying to describe why I find him funny.

[I will say this; I watched him wander around the stage for an hour with a mic cord tied around one leg, and a mic stand rolling around behind him, waiting for him to trip over either of them. He managed not to do that, and even climbed the angle iron stage display at one point, without killing himself; only to miss the last step coming off the stage as his set was over (bad architecture, not clumsiness) and nearly break his neck tripping over our table. First time I ever felt the need to apologize to a comic for laughing at him]

So, watch the clips. If you think that’s funny, go see him in person. I guarantee it’ll be better than the clips. Just go.

Oh, wait. There’s a clip embedded right in the post. Too cool…

Did I mention The Marijuana-Logues? Super High Me? (a preview of which is showing at Drafthouse Lake Creek at 4:20 Saturday as a part of the Austin Film Festival; yes, it starts this week!) He was hawking some other disk that I just completely spaced on. Wish I could remember the title…

(Comedy Death Ray yeah, that was it. And I need to try some McGriddles, apparently…)

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