November Funk

It’s been really hard to make myself write anything since July first:

The Wife pulled through the surgery fine. She spent a full month in the hospital (who will pay for this and how that paying will be done is going to be the fight of the century) and then spent the three months after that slowly recuperating from the procedure.

I managed to push myself through the increased demands on my time and energy almost for the full four months. Two weeks before she graduated from Cardio Rehab I was hit with multiple vertigo spells over the course of three or four days, the cost of pushing myself beyond my limits once again:

That fog lasted just long enough to push me into my Winter doldrums. I don’t know what it is about the sun being low in the Southern sky, but I never feel like I’m quite awake when it is. When we were visiting family in Illinois a few years ago, I felt like that pretty much every day we were there, and that was in the Spring.

So here we are in November, and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for three months. I want to sleep for three months and I have four months of notes about stuff that I really wanted to get on the blog to go through. Oh well. At least the Wife is feeling better. Even if she’s not feeling better than ever, then at least she’s feeling well enough to drive now. I couldn’t take much more of being the primary driver in the family.

Author: RAnthony

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