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February 2, 2008Champion of the First Amendment

Parsing Bush’s state of the union address. “There was a notion that somehow there needed to be a clear separation of church and state.” as an example. (this mans lack of knowledge concerning proper government, AFTER 8 YEARS AS PRESIDENT, is shocking. Where is his brain?) Here’s hoping that congress stands firm and allows the Office of Faith Based Initiatives to die with the retirement of the sitting president.

Ellery Schempp was instrumental in getting bible readings and prayers stopped in public schools (he sent a letter and a $10 dollar bill to the ACLU, asking for their help, while a Junior in high school) Ellery’s Protest chronicles these events. The government is still trying to sneak prayer into the schools via as many different back doors as it can find, but I’d like to extend a word of thanks to Mr. Schempp for his brave stand. This is his second appearance on the show.

This is the first episode in which the name Madalyn Murray O’Hair has been mentioned, which I find odd, because the average American probably thinks the name and the word Atheist are synonymous, although they aren’t. I credit her antisocial behavior with the stunning lack of freethinkers in the otherwise liberal city of Austin.

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February 3, 2007Robert Sapolsky – “Hellbound Atheist” & Scientist

One of the more entertaining interviews, Robert Sapolsky discussed in a lively fashion everything from evolution, to the impact of testosterone on violence, to secretly wishing he could anestha-dart his colleagues at the university in order to study them.

The most interesting portion of the interview was the discussion concerning Schizotypal people, and the linkage to magical thinking; leading to the hypothesis that the ability to turn what would normally be a disabling mental problem into a leadership quality has lead a genetic mental problem (Schizophrenia) to be more predominant than statistics says it ought to be.

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