iPhone Not Home

I will be incommunicado till next Thursday, from the look of it. Power switch went out on my phone. Replacement phone (twice the memory, half the price) is taking a slow boat. Internet access and phone conversations will be limited to desktop and laptop via Google or Skype until then.

I don’t know if I will survive the depravity.


It got worse. This Android/Open Source lover has now been saddled with the burden of using an iPhone 4 for a week. Kill me now, please. I have returned to the years of chisels and stone tablets. The iPhone was the only extra phone in the house.

The good news is the Nexus may be revivable, so I may have a backup next time a phone goes kaput.

All kidding aside, I’d like to offer a heartfelt thanks to Eric Buck for the phone. This is the second time it has come in handy. The Wife is likely to be using it next. She drove over her iPhone a few times on her last movie location. She drove over it, an 18 wheeler hauling dirt drove over it, the three dump trucks also hauling roadbuilding materials drove over it, and it didn’t break. It has been a little special ever since.


The iPhone is now a Googlish iPhone. I have forced it to accept Google apps that replace functions that Apple wants to handle for me.

Just create a Mac address. We know you want to.

It is suffering almost as much as I am. I take a vicious pleasure in this fact.



I took delivery of that last Nexus a few weeks later. It too ended up failing on me, and it did that a few months after my mother died. That caused a panic because I had been recording audio of mom for the last few months of her life, trying to get her to open up about her childhood. When I got that phone’s power switch fixed (the third Nexus to develop the exact same problem) just to get the audio off of the phone, I decided that it would also be the last Nexus I was buying. Google had already abandoned the Nexus brand and decided to call their new devices Pixels, and they priced them to be in the same market as iPhones.

I don’t buy iPhones because they are too expensive, so I don’t buy Google devices anymore. I was sad to see the last Nexus go. I’m not sure if I was sad that I didn’t have that device anymore, or sad that I couldn’t say I had a Nexus 6 anymore. It’s nice to have a humanoid android to help out around the house, even if that is just your imagination filling in the gaps.

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