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A Guardian interview article,

Laboratory-grown beef: meat without the murder, but would you eat it?

Growing meat in labs could cut hunger, tackle climate change and end animal slaughter, but creator Professor Mark Post says the biggest beef will be convincing consumers

…spawned an online dialog on a Friend’s Facebook wall. Would you eat this? They asked. Yes. Yes I would eat it. Where is it being served? The question in my mind is the same as the one dealing with vaping vs. smoking. No harm, no foul, right?

Once the eating of meat is uncoupled from the killing of animals, the arguments against the evils of meat go out the window. If it is similar to the smoking argument, this won’t end the discussion. The anti-smoking activist groups target vapers as being as evil as the smokers in spite of the fact that vaping has not been shown to be a health detriment, and is not smoking in any real sense. Nicotine has positive uses as an appetite suppressant. Removed from the cancer causing cocktail of burning tobacco, it may actually be a viable way to keep ones weight down.

I am a tofu eater. I love tofu in almost any dish. I don’t like beef. If it isn’t a hamburger, keep it away from me. I also don’t like the way chickens are treated, but I still eat chicken because chicken good. I love fish. I’m lactose intolerant. I am the poster child for someone who should be a militant vegan. 

That’s never going to happen. Why? Because protein sources aren’t plentiful enough if you eliminate all meats. Those are just the facts, folks. 

Give me my vat-grown protein sources and I’ll be the first one backing the ending of ranching as we’ve known it. Until then keep your plant religion to yourself, please. I don’t like evangelists of any stripe.

I could actually get by with the questionably named soylent if I didn’t have to feed a family. Children are the problem. The proteins they need are more substantial than the proteins an adult needs. Meal taking is about the only excuse for family gatherings anymore, on top of that. 

Every single vegetarian I’ve known looks like they are slowly starving to death. I wouldn’t back the counter-arguments of proteins being plentiful enough, if what you are worrying about is where your food comes from rather than making sure you are getting enough of the right kinds of food.


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