Caudillo Trump’s Immigration Policy

His new position? He’s figured out he doesn’t want to be the American Hitler, but can’t just discard the notion that you can deport 11 million people without looking like the panderer he is.



Chris sort of got in the beat of catching El Caudito in the act of trying to be a caudillo and then failing to pull off that much strength. Here’s another instance from 2018:

Facebook VideoMSNBC – McMaster could soon be the 38th Trump official to leave – March 1, 2018

This is the way you run a banana republic

Richard Painter

…is why latinos recognize the Orange Hate-Monkey as a Caudillo. He is the prototypical dictator that the US used to select for their countries to be ruled by. If you think they aren’t laughing at us these days, you really don’t understand world politics at all.

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