97% of the state of California is currently experiencing a drought, according to the website 46% of the state is suffering in an “exceptional drought”, the most severe status. California’s central regions, it’s farmland, is taking it on the chin, but overall, there is estimated to be about 36 million Californians effected by this drought. Any way you look at it, the water situation in California is dismal.

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I had relatives who dowsed. They believed in their abilities to find water and would deny that what they engaged in was magical thinking.  On the other hand, I have no way to explain how they found water; and they did find water, in some cases more reliably than engineering firms of the time. Sadly none of them are still breathing, so I can’t test them or suggest they submit themselves to testing. I simply resent the blanket dismissal of ‘magical thinking’ as it relates to the subject of dowsing.

A farmer knows his own land, sometimes in ways that he has a hard time explaining.  Finding water on land that he is familiar with might actually tap into understanding about the lay of the land, the various structures that would lend themselves to collecting and channeling water.  The act of dowsing then simply gives form to the assembling of knowledge already at hand. A method for explaining why they know where water is most likely to be. 

All of this is a completely different subject than the notion that you can pay someone else to dowse your property and get a return on your money.

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