JFK Assassination. Oswald Shot Him.

I found that these videos, when put together, definitively link Oswald to the killing of Kennedy.  First off is The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy. (That video is no longer available for streaming anywhere on the internet. My apologies. -ed.)

The second source of video was a very detailed recreation of the exact poses of the victims taken from Zapruder film footage, that were mocked up by Anatomical Surrogates Technologies for the  documentary JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet. While the shot does appear to strike too low, the trajectory is almost identical to the bullet on that fateful day.

Unsolved History: JFK – Beyond the Magic Bullet Discovery channel programming. JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet (Part 1), JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet (Part 2), JFK Assassination – Head shot recreation (Part 1), JFK Assassination – Head shot recreation (Part 2)

…conspiracy theorists will of course come up with reasons why this proves nothing. Personally I see no reason to continue pretending that Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy.  If you feel the forensic tests are simply not enough evidence, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of Case Closed.  If Posner can’t convince you, then no one will.

Editor’s note

I changed the title on this one and I removed the individual video references in favor of a single video with the clips referenced in the caption for the full video. I wish someone would pick up the streaming rights for the Anatomical Surrogates recreations. The evidence for the magic bullet not being magical at all needs to be widely accessible. Possibly even mandatory viewing.

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