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This edit is for a specific purpose. If you are reading this you’ve likely clicked a link in the footer of one of my posts. This edit is for you. I have been a member of this forum for quite some time. I only occasionally wander by here anymore, because DC has chosen to take a complete hands-off approach to forum moderation, which Dan gets into in The Decline… which used to be pegged (for a long, long time) at the top of every forum. Many of us contributed ideas for how the forums could be improved, but it became clear that DC wasn’t interested in exercising any editorial functions beyond clearing out the spam.

A few months (maybe even years) later, I created The Reason for The Decline which details (with research) exactly WHY the forums are populated with Lowest Common Denominator trolls and how that situation could be addressed. It was an answer to Dan’s burning question about the problems with the forums. Once again, nothing was done. 

At some point following that thread, I completely altered the way I post, read posts, and which posts I read. I was long opposed to ignoring people, but after wasting months of time arguing with bad actors, I established a lengthy Foes list, populated with users who have shown themselves (essentially) unable to admit error, or who are here simply to disrupt (your list is found here) If I don’t respond to a post that you think deserves a heated response, it’s likely that the poster is on my Foes list, and I am ignoring him/her for good reason; generally because that poster has proven his or her inability to frame a decent question, or respond to direct inquiries with facts. 

“Bad Actors” I define similar to Bad Faith which is outlined on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_faith

The expression “bad faith” is associated with “double heartedness”,[1] which is also translated as “double mindedness”.[2][3][4] A bad faith belief may be formed through self-deception, being double minded, or “of two minds”, which is associated with faith, belief, attitude, and loyalty. In the 1913 Webster’s Dictionary, bad faith was equated with being double hearted, “of two hearts”, or “a sustained form of deception which consists in entertaining or pretending to entertain one set of feelings, and acting as if influenced by another”.[1] The concept is similar to perfidy, or being “without faith”, in which deception is achieved when one side in a conflict promises to act in good faith (e.g. by raising a flag of surrender) with the intention of breaking that promise once the enemy has exposed himself. After Jean-Paul Sartre’s analysis of the concepts of self deception and bad faith, bad faith has been examined in specialized fields as it pertains to self deception as two semi-independently acting minds within one mind, with one deceiving the other.

I have confused Dan with this reference before (saying Buchanan was not an honest actor) so I include it here for clarity.

Having been pushed to ignore a large part of the members of the boards, it became clear to me just how much particular members alter the tone of the boards, almost always to the negative side of the ledger. It was then I created the thread “Message Board Whores” specifically targeting those members. The input on that thread lead me to realize that I really was wasting much of my time here. Consequently I almost never hang out here any longer, and only seem to get dragged back here when someone resurrects the zombie threads that I authored ages ago, most frequently Atheism is Not a Belief System; which is a thread about Atheism, not Religion, despite the inability of the average user to understand the distinction (when I started that thread, it was the only result that phrase produced in a Google search) posts there do draw me back, but they very rarely improve my opinion of the boards in general. 

…and that’s where it stands now. I ignore the members who’s contributions historically I have deemed irrelevant. If I don’t respond, that is generally the reason. If you think otherwise, respond to them yourself and see what you get. Might I suggest you start a Foes list of your own, though? It will prove to be the best option, in the long run.

In the spirit of building your own ignore list (and because I hate searching for the post that got someone on my list) let me offer an example of people I’ve found it timesaving to ignore;

Dr. Strangelove — whom I refer to as S’love, largely because I love that movie but I cannot stand this members arguments; I want to keep the two separate in my mind. His ill will pollutes the entire forum, and is largely why I no longer spend any time here. This post is one of many in which he compares me (and all atheists) to mass-murderers. I spent far too much time trying to argue with him before blocking him. He is one of many that has never admitted fault (along with ClubGOP, STCapps, Zlaxer and a few others) the number one reason for getting on my ignore list.

The Conservative — Racism remains racism whether you cloak it in legalese or not. 99.9% of the 11 million he would forcibly deport are brown-skinned; that is racism. As for the solution to the non-existent immigration problem, acknowledge the facts of the matter. Fact; to prove residency you simply need a photo ID and a utility bill (generally) requiring brown-skinned people to show more ID than that is racism. Fact; the US immigration policy itself is based on racism as it stands now and should be struck down if it is not voluntarily corrected by a future congress. Fact; employers want cheap immigrant labor, the States themselves want cheap immigrant labor, and the immigrants who come here generally need work. A guest worker program will fix that problem. Good luck getting conservatives to accept this fact. I have no time for unreformed racists.

Nergol — So “Who Kills More, Religion or Atheism?” The answer is “this is fallacious reasoning” http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4076 Nergol is a troll. There really isn’t any other way to describe him. The thread linked appeared after the subject of “who kills more” was hurled around on the Atheism thread. Just his way of stealing thunder, I guess. He’s not the only troll on the list, but he’s the only one permanently on the list for trollish behavior. Nergol doesn’t know how not to be confrontational; at least he didn’t when he went on the list.

diatribalist — whom I refer to as InquizaJamesatribalist because he is a libertarian ideologue who was once also a friend of mine on Facebook, and because he also goes under the member name Inquizitr. My fall from grace when I ceased being libertarian was the last straw for him. He cannot get past his own hatred of the disabled for accepting a handout; anybody who accepts help, generally (because he is legally disabled yet refuses to accept help) You are supposed to die and decrease the surplus population, I guess.  Diatribalist is also a member of the group that I label “Face Painters” (along with ClubGOP, Zlaxer and a few others) a face painter ascribes to a particular ideology or party to the exclusion of reality itself. The kind of person who inspires me to say “Ideally There Would Be No Idealists”.

Last because he was first, Cogent — He was placed on my ignore list because if his dangerously racist views concerning jews, the kind of targeting of jews that makes one queasy to read. He stays on my ignore list because he has the most annoying signature on the face of the planet, a series of 9-11 truth images that takes time and memory to load each and every post he creates. I don’t have the bits to waste on bullshit of that magnitude (I do rebut 9-11 claims here) He is a poster child for active moderation, and the key to why moderation is required if the forum owner wants to avoid lawsuits indefinitely.

Almost any thread I contribute to these days will have two or three of the trolls on my ignore list commenting, generally immediately after I post. Following me around like a pet. I guess I should be flattered, but I always wonder what someone who doesn’t know about ignore lists or the fact that I’m ignoring these people for a reason might think.

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Editor’s note

While in the process of cleaning up old drafts and reformatting posts for the relocated website/blog, I discovered that I had copied text and links to more than a few posts I had written on the Dan Carlin BBS. I will be backdating and adding other material as I discover it and get it cleaned up to my satisfaction. This post detailed why the BBS failed in the end. It failed because without being able to remove bad actors from a system, the bad actors will come to dominate that system. This is about as close as I’ve ever gotten to creating a list of shame.

This was my list of bad actors, which was edited into my introduce yourself post on the bulletin board (Why I am a Libertarian contains the same text as the original introduction) By that point in my time on the BBS service, most of the libertarian ideals that I had introduced myself with on the BBS had been washed away by sickness and harsh reality. So I washed that chirpy optimism off my introduction post and introduced a bare-bones understanding of just how wrong the average American is about most things they think they know. A bare-bones approach that I’ve now brought onto the blog as well. And so the fight goes on.

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