Penny Pritzker, Barack Obama’s ‘Fairy Godmother’

“Pritzker introduced Obama, the neophyte state senator, to the Ladies Who Lunch (that’s really what they call themselves) on Chicago’s Gold Coast. Obama got lunch, gold and better — an introduction to Robert Rubin. Rubin is a former Secretary of the Treasury, former chairman of Goldman Sachs and former co-chairman of Citibank. Even atheists recognized Rubin as the Supreme Deity of Wall Street.”

Truthdig, Penny Pritzker, Barack Obama’s ‘Fairy Godmother’

This is nothing more than proof that the Democrats and Republicans are in the pockets of the same wealthy contributing class. All of the finger pointing by elected Republicans is simply sour grapes because it isn’t them selling us down the river.

…Prove I’m wrong Republicans. Reject this nominee, and even further, back any number of grassroots attempts to change Washington politics forever by getting money out of elections.


This is a Facebook status that I have backdated to the blog. As expected, the Republicans in congress had no problem with this 1%er and convicted predatory lender getting the commerce job. This was just the point where I noted their hypocrisy problem. It didn’t start here, and it hasn’t been their worst example to date. The worst? Forcing Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court:

To replace:

…and I doubt that will be the bottom, either.

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