Obama the Capitalist?

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The system that he figuratively leads isn’t really capitalist, or the stocks would actually represent real values produced in real markets not imaginary dollar figure values for companies that in the end produce very little aside from stock market gains.

…So while he has presided over some of the largest profit-taking in recent history by the richest 1% of the nation, disqualifying him as a socialist; he has also presided over one of the most financially corrupt governments this country has ever known. Continuing corporate financial bailouts started by his Republican predecessor, while ignoring the suffering of the average American.

The only nice thing I can think to say about the economy in the US under Obama is that the Republican policies would only make the pain worse for working class Americans. So at least there is that.

Facebook status backdated to the blog. Looking back from 2017, I am reminded of why I voted for Obama in 2012 while still having this opinion of him. As bad as I thought he was in the office, he was worlds better than the two men who served before him. With the OHM in office, he looks even better than he did in 2012.

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