LFR – Some Things Were Improvements

This is months late, I’m sure. Still, it bears mentioning that I am thankful that Blizzard took the time to create a version of endgame content that could be played by the casual gamer. For the first time since we started playing World of Warcraft three years ago, the rest of the family (who definitely meet the definition of casual players) have been able to experience raid format play, and have been able to take down the main bosses for an expansion while the expansion is still current.

Seriously, this is a heartfelt “thank you” on that score.  Please, keep that up.

I find myself amazed that I am still playing, after more than a year since my last post where I promised I was going to quit when my script ran out that May. I’m pretty sure it was the annual pass and the bribe of a free copy of Diablo III (which I have been playing more than WoW of late. We own multiple copies of Diablo I and II, that one was a no-brainer) that keeps me on the script list.  It’s not the endgame play which, other than the LFR, has pretty much evolved into what Wrath was right before Cataclysm came out; die hards continuing to play content that they’ve memorized by now, casual players drifting in and out, mat farmers complaining about node ninjas and auction house junkies complaining about not being able to get what they want for stuff that no one wants to buy.

I have to say that the professions are about as useful, more or less, at this point as they were then too.  After the initial bumps of getting the XP going, the programmers have managed to roll out gear that can be created with a reasonable amount of mats, and can be used to gain access to heroics and the LFR. Can’t ask for more than that at this point.

Now for that post about the Panda Expansion in Beta.

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