Bob Barr – A Real Choice

I like it.

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I would also like to thank for revamping their digg the candidates page. I have inquired several times over the past few months as to whether they intended to continue the old media policies of ignoring any candidate without a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ in front of their names; I am very happy to pass on the following:

Hey Everyone —

We just released a new version of Digg the Candidates today – check it out if you’re interested in following the latest U.S. presidential election news on Digg. The growth of the World & Business and Elections sections on Digg over the past year has been amazing, and it’s been great to see the diversity of interest from Digg users from all around the world.

We’ll be doing a few interesting things at this summer’s political party conventions. More details to come soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up there are a few projects the works.

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So, I mosied on over and added Bob Barr to my friends list. It’s nice to officially be able to take an interest in politics. Finally.

I’d also like to point out an interesting fact. Barak Obama has just over 19,000 fans on Ron Paul had over 20,000 fans when he bowed out of the race last month. What does that say about candidate popularity on the web?

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