Murglesnout and the Philosophy of Game Design

You might not have noticed, but I’ve had a few issues with the current release of World of Warcraft. I seem to be at odds with a good many players, and clearly I’m in disagreement with the deciding input on the design team. I actually think my issue with the designers can be simply summed up though.

Murglesnout. That’s right, Murglesnout sums it all up.

What is Murglesnout? Murglesnout is the most common fishing drop in ocean water in Cataclysm. Fishing in ocean water is the only place to get Deepsea Sagefish, the reagent for the best healer food short of the ridiculously hard to get fish feast (which requires 10,000 catches, pool fishing only. 50 days to get, best guess, with a good guild fishing every day. Not too long, right?) in the current version of the game. The catch is that to get a good stack of sagefish, you also get two stacks of Murglesnout, which is vendor trash in the current game. Basically, two thirds of your time fishing is a complete waste of time (there is a recipe coming out with 4.0.6. Gives no buffs though. If you are leveling cooking, great. Useless otherwise) a philosophy in this version of the game that seems to carry across all facets of the game. Whether it’s archeology creating vendor trash for 105 items (why can’t these things be equip-able trinkets? There is a scarcity of trinkets in this game at all levels) just so you can get those 27 items worth working for, or dungeoning and world PvP, there is an expectation that players will return again and again to the game even though there is little return on time spent, and a serious level of frustration.

I’m actually beginning to find my stride with the new mechanics, and I even consider the changes to some classes as major improvements (sans druid changes. Druids have been nerfed, and there’s just no other way to describe it. I don’t even want to play mine anymore) but the time spent/reward earned factor is grossly out of balance in this game.

I’m spending more time writing than I do playing, again. That should be a sign all by itself.

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