Stossel and Prop 19

This is the content of a letter I just wrote to John Stossel at Fox Business News. Let’s see if I get a response. I’ll bet I don’t.

I watched the segment Why Legalization of Pot Failed in California when it aired. My wife had to make me turn it off. It started playing in the background just now, and I found myself yelling at the screen again “shut up you #@$%^&!” I despise Bill O’Reilly. He’s a religious zealot that is only slightly more in touch with reality than Glenn Beck, which makes him that much more of a problem, frankly.

Why did you air this segment and his outright lies about Marijuana legalization without challenging him on them? If you really want to know why the proposition failed, try watching the video The Hidden Victory of “Proposition 19” on Youtube. Contact these people, get their facts and set the record straight. I followed you to FOX because I respect your integrity. You’re being at FOX and not having to argue with ABC’s management about libertarian ideas has made you lax, in my opinion. Either that, or you are under constraints not to talk back to FOX’s big baby, Bill O’Reilly.

This is the video.

misesmediaThe Hidden Victory of “Proposition 19” | Mark Thornton – Nov 10, 2010

Those who profit from the current system (cops, pharmaceutical growers, the governments of several nations) lined up against this measure. It was very clear to anyone paying attention what the real motivation against 19 was.

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