Skyline. Sewage Line. Baseline.

I’ll give Skyline one star for the action in search of a plot or characters whiz-bang effects that they spent a lot of money on. The wife says the tagline should be “you never know what that cinder block will be good for”. Seriously, I had high hopes for this movie, but they failed to deliver any of the subtext (much less story) that was hinted at in the trailer. What a ripoff.

This is my baseline for what a bad film is. It has to be more disappointing than this film was to be the worst movie ever.


Editor’s note 2019. Not satisfied to have made the worst film ever, the principles in charge of this film even made a sequel. No, I haven’t seen it, and I won’t see it. That one is rated fresh. Too bad, because it will never be remembered.

Author: RAnthony

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