Bag Man

The story of the downfall of Spiro Agnew, Tricky Dick Nixon’s Vice President. He was insanely popular with American conservatives of the time, just as Richard Nixon was popular with the majority of Americans of the time. They were both popular when they were elected. Spiro Agnew had a secret that wasn’t much of a secret in Baltimore where he had come from, and that secret would lead to some strange twists and turns in the near future as Richard Nixon broke laws in his attempts to stay in office.

It was the conjunction of these two popular people on the office of Vice President and President, two popular people who had both committed crimes that they could be removed from office over, that lead to the memo from the Justice Department that advised that a President can’t be indicted (the Atlantic) as Rachel Maddow discusses in this segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertWhat Mysteries Does Rachel Maddow Hope Are Solved Once The President Is Out Of Office? – Dec 10, 2020

Without that advisory from the Office of Legal Counsel Donald Trump would have been indicted for his crimes before he was impeached, and his impeachment and removal would have been a foregone conclusion because you can’t be President of the United States and conduct the business of the United States from prison. Well, Mitch McConnell and the cult-like followers of QAnon would have said he was railroaded and that the superhuman Donald Trump could easily do the country’s business from prison, but they wouldn’t have represented a majority. They would have been an even smaller minority than the one that came out and voted for Donald Trump in the November election.

Bag Man: The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-up, and Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House by Rachel Maddow 

I’ve mentioned the podcast that spawned the book she is out stumping for three times on the blog over the past few years. Unfortunately all the links that were in previous articles now lead to non-existent feeds as far as I can tell, so I will have to re-edit them eventually to point to a new feed location (Done. However the feed was restored when I started editing, so I left some of the old links in. Fingers crossed that the feed stays up this time. -ed.) In the meantime, the podcast is also on Youtube just like the segment of LSSC that I linked above.

MSNBCBag Man Podcast – Apr 10, 2019

If you love a good yarn, especially a true tale of intrigue, check out this podcast and book. you’ll definitely enjoy the story. I did.

Superpacking The Elections

Robert Reich

The Colbert Report demonstrated what a joke this was more than two years ago.


…that this practice is still allowed simply demonstrates that politicians and the bureaucrats they employ are not actually interested in regulating campaign funds. Saying the IRS is afraid is dissemination, obfuscation, ignoring the facts on the ground. All professional politicians profit from the influx of secret money. Again I point back to:

…the way to fix this is to castrate the corporations. Putting pressure on the IRS also will help short-term. In the end, the corporations must be removed from politics if we are ever to be allowed to self-govern in any real way.


Gary Johnson For President!

If the Republicans had a brain that is. If they had brains they’d be yelling that from the rooftops everywhere in the country. They don’t, so they won’t be and he won’t be President. Here he is sitting down with Stephen Colbert on Monday:

The old as time itself drive to “Punish, Punish” that the Republican’s are caught up in has to be abandoned, if they want to be taken seriously. If they want to win in two years. Time to prove they can be progressive. Embrace Gary Johnson, and nominate him. Prove to the rest of us that you’ve advanced beyond the dark ages.

I dare you.


The Republicans nominated Mitt Romney in 2012. Mitt Romney? WTF, Republicans? Didn’t you get the message? Straight-laced magic underwear white guys are so last century.

I apparently was quite the fanboy for Gary Johnson back in the day. Two years later in 2012 I was posting about his appearance on’s presidential debate, the only debate to include the libertarian candidate for president. That’s right. Gary Johnson left the Republicans to lead the Libertarian Party to another defeat. It’s not his fault. The LP simply isn’t serious about winning elections. has been claimed by time. The link can still be found on the wayback machine: I’m betting I was a fanboy because he wanted to let us all smoke weed back in the days when it was still unfashionable to light up a doobie. In 2021 everyone wants to let us do that except Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The last bastion of conservative dogma? If only time would claim White Nationalism the way it claims everything else, the world would truly be a better place.