A Cold Slap in the Face? Yell Fire.

The latest Common Sense is about Wikileaks and the Iraq war. The only thing I have to say about that (other than what’s on the community forum) is this.

Michael Franti and Spearhead – Yell Fire!

War Protest Songs. Alice’s Restaurant comes immediately to mind.

Well, I did have this to say in the thread “We should have to watch the war

Yes, we should have to watch the war. Every single gory detail should be broadcast in living color. Specifically it should be the only thing people who support this war should be allowed to watch.

The last presidential election, in the public’s eye, was a referendum on the war (oversimplification, I know. Go out and talk to young people who voted for Obama, see what you find out) Obama’s election meant it was time for the war to end. It hasn’t.

For the record, I was never for the GWOT. None of the libertarians I know have ever been for it. As far back as Bush’s declaration of victory the war has been more unpopular as it has been popular. Bush lied his way into his war. That’s never sat well with anyone I know.Anyone who ever thought we could win a war against a tactic (kind of like winning a war against a naturally occurring substance) Is a fool.

I was against the war in Afghanistan but knew that it was pointless to resist the overwhelming support of that war. I (and many I know) spoke out against the Iraq war, but were shouted down. Those chickens have come home to roost now, and the most predictable response will be “Your either for us or agin us”; and that’s a sad statement about our government, in my opinion.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, contrasting Vietnam protests and protests about the Global War on Terror. The reason the Vietnam protests were so fervent was the same reason that Nixon changed the way the military was created. He ended the draft and by ending the draft ended the stakes the average Americans had in wars. Now, if you don’t happen to be from a poor family, you don’t have anyone that’s at risk of being shot in one of the many hot zones that America has troops stationed in.

I remember war coverage during Vietnam. It was visceral, and on the TV news every night. It was in your face, and if you were a teenager, you were going to be over there ‘in the shit’ when you turned 18. It was those two things together that got the protests started.

There was support for the war. Yeah, amongst the adults that weren’t going to be shot at. You didn’t find much of it anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the draft was a violation of individual rights. If a war isn’t popular enough that the numbers needed to fight it don’t join voluntarily (and in the US they have, when it mattered. Didn’t stop the gov’t from drafting people even then) But it was the knowledge that you were going to be shot at, and soon, that got the young people out in the streets.

Sing a few bars of Alice’s Restaurant, and walk out.

If the rest of the world really has a problem with the bully on the block (the US) then they need to stop taking our dollars. Send them all back. Crash the system. That will put an end to the bullies ability to buy more and better weapons to shoot people with. Because the American people are too fat and happy to do it for themselves anymore.

But this, this was the most important bit.

If you support the war on terror, you are not a Libertarian (basically, if you’ve supported any modern war, you aren’t a libertarian. The party itself was founded out of the Antiwar movement) The War on Terror represents everything that is wrong with modern US leadership. From the War on Poverty (war on a social strata) to the War on Drugs (war on a naturally occurring substance) to the War on Terror (war on a tactic) they play on the fears of the average American and promise change, while in the end they simply make the problem worse.

This idea that you can declare war on something in order to end it has to stop. What ends when we engage in needless, ineffective, insane and endless wars is our freedom.

Neal Boortz, Glen Beck, et al. YOU ARE NOT LIBERTARIANS.

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