The Abramanation, Dissected

Got this in the mail last summer, when the Abramanation was heading to theaters;

Date: Sat, May 9, 2009 at 4:44 AM
Subject: Seen the new Trek movie yet?

As soon as you’ve seen the new movie, be sure to drop by the Trek BBS and discuss what you thought.

Loved the Enterprise? Hated Spock? What do you want to see in the next movie? Whatever your opinions, discuss them with other fans.

Visit us at

Your username is RAnthony.

Check out the dedicated ‘Star Trek IX’ forum, or find out the latest news at

See you soon!

Trek BBS

I had my reservations about the film, but I went to see it with an open mind. After seeing it, I wrote Star Trek 1966-2009, RIP. I was attempting to be objective in my criticism of the film, while at the same time expressing my sense of betrayal of everything Trek that the film represents. When I posted my review at TrekBBS, it was promptly roundfiled in a closed thread, because ‘There were too many negative threads being created’, even though they had specifically invited me to come there and post.

When I dared to object to the treatment my posts were receiving, I was basically driven from the board by attack after attack, demanding that I substantiate my views in greater depth (go figure, this is the reason I don’t do BBS’ much anymore. The discussions always run this way) something that I had intended to do at the time. I am certain that the film is a betrayal of Roddenberry and of Science Fiction as a genre, and all it would take is time and a few blog posts to cover it.

Life got in the way, though.

Luckily for me, I’m not alone in my convictions. I was alerted to an ongoing work over at Structured Dream that the author is titling Star Trek by the Minute. Where he finds the time to dedicate to this project is beyond me (betting he doesn’t play WoW) but I’m enjoying every minute of his review in a way that the Abramanation could never dream of achieving.

Here’s a quote:

I don’t want to be petty and nitpick, especially a Trek film – rather I want to get swept away by a great story to a place I’ve never been on a grand adventure. But when there’s no sensibility, no consistency, and the plot is advanced without plausible cause and effect events in a narrative believable for the universe in which it is set, one feels somehow insulted by the film. This feeling persists regardless of how pretty the actors, how grand the music, and how good the special effects look. In fact, better production highlights defects, placing them in sharp contrast to the great quality of the presentation.

Point after point, minute after minute, I find myself laughing, agreeing with and liking this guy more and more. Thanks to him, I can go back to playing WoW.

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