A Lot to Drink About

Picked up Buffett Hotel at Sam’s a few weeks back (cheaper than any new album I’ve ever bought, BTW) and I’m still listening to it. I’m especially fond of the following tracks;

  • Nobody From Nowhere
  • Big Top
  • Beautiful Swimmers
  • Turn Up The Heat and Chill The Rose
  • Rhumba Man
  • We Learned To Be Cool From You
  • Surfing In A Hurricane
  • A Lot To Drink About

Wait, that’s more than half the album.

OK, if I had to pick ONE SONG as my favorite song, it’s this one:

A Lot to Drink About – Live From Key West

Kick back with a cool one and listen to the words. Classic Buffett. The pirate may be 50, but he’s still got it.

Author: RAnthony

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