The Matrix: A (Sovereign) Exploration of Meaning

A friend of mine sent me a link to this. I hate to admit how long it sat languishing in my inbox. This is perhaps the most thought provoking interpretation of modern society and what the systems really mean to the average person that I’ve ever seen.

Stefan Molyneux – Statism is Dead: Part 3 – The Matrix – Nov 24, 2008

It says ‘part 3’ in the title; however, it stands alone quite well.


Stefan Molyneux got himself kicked off of Youtube. He probably deserved it. The video is still available from, if you really feel the need to watch it. It is probably also available directly from Molyneux’s website. I wouldn’t go there myself, Molyneux is part of the sovereign movement and is therefore no longer worthy of notice. I’ve given up on trying to reason with people like him.

I now find his interpretation of the Matrix laughable. The use of the coded word statism is really all you need to know to understand the direction that the host will take you while watching the video and the series of videos it is part of. He is an anarchist and will slam government in general as bad. What the narrative represents is the kind of rabbit hole you can go down when you mistake fiction for reality and then try to write parallels between the two.

While good fiction mimics reality, the two will never occupy the exact same space. 1984 remains a work of fiction no matter how many prescient pieces you can pull out of the book and apply to the here and now.

Want to reduce paranoia? Want to stop being alone and afraid in your mom’s basement? Turn off your computer and go outside. Talk to other people about these disturbing feelings you have. That would be a start.

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