No, the Other Palin for President

On the other hand, I think this video says it all when it comes to Palin and the Presidency. Palin4President Michael Palin for President Published on Sep 3, 2008

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Unless it’s covered in this video, that is. Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin and Hillary Address the Nation – SNL Published on Sep 23, 2013

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I know it’s a parody because the Hillary character is, in fact, funny. Megalomaniacs generally aren’t people that I find amusing. On the other hand, I laugh at people who believe the same things Sarah Palin does, pretty much every day. They’re always funny. Until people vote for them, that is.

Mea culpa review 2018. Oh, if only 2008 me knew what was in store for him in 2016. I think I would have started drinking more heavily. That and I would have moved to Australia. I want to be as far away from this mess as I can get. Oh, and, Hillary? Hillary would be a blessing next to the Orange Hate-Monkey. But at least I don’t have to apologize for whatever she would have done instead of fucking everything up like the OHM has. Always look on the bright side

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