More on the hopeless outlook for Republicans

More on just how hopeless the outlook is for Republicans this election year can be found at Freethought blogs.

I would have thought that it was a relief, a minor bit of unconcern, that Mitt Romney nominally supports evolution (he’s one of those waffly theistic evolutionists, so he doesn’t really…but at least he wouldn’t be brazenly contradicting all of the evidence). But there’s a potential problem looming: who will he pick for vice president? Who does he turn to advice on education? Ken Miller discusses the situation, and points out that his key advisor on education reform and potential VP pick is…

Bobby Jindal, creationist governor of Louisiana.


Mitt is still trying to convince conservatives that he’s a real Conservative.  But what he should be worried about (if he wants to win the election) is proving to the rest of us that he’s really not completely loony like the base of his party.

There’s always the hope that the LP has their game face on. For once.

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