Day X

As the wife pointed out, the previous post is a little out of date. On the other hand, I never did blog on the fact that one of her first films is finally in stores, and you can rent or buy your own copy to watch repeatedly (if you are into zombie films, that is) Day X.

There’s more story in this film than in all of the Romero zombie films, combined. If you do watch the film, take the time to rate it at IMDB or Flixster. Like all straight to video films, viewership is driven by word of mouth. Also like most straight to video films, this one suffers from a landslide of incredibly negative ratings.

One would hardly be able to tell that it won Best Director at Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival 2005 based on the biased slams that can be found online. Good grief people, it’s a low-budget indy film about zombies. What did you expect, a 100 million dollar budget and Spielberg at the helm? How about some realistic expectations?

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