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Podcast Link. March 8, 2008Special Guest: Richard Dawkins

Do I really need to say anything else about this episode to make you want to listen to it? Come on, Richard Dawkins is the guest. I’d listen to the guy ordering lunch, much less talking about The God Delusion and his other books.

OK, how about he’ll be in Austin on the 19th of March? How’s that for inspiration? I’m just wishing I could get in to hear him speak. Not holding my breath.

The interview was a long discussion (which actually seems short) of problems with creationism, including mention of the Omphalogical argument and Dawkin’s own Climbing Mount Improbable.

Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.

Mark Twain

2007 Archive episode. March 10, 2007Media Covers FFRF & Freethought

This episode is pretty much what the title says it is. The media reporting on the lawsuit discussed in the previous week, and other items of interest.

The edge printing on the new George Washington “gold” dollars was missing on several hundred coins, the so-called godless dollars (“in god we trust” is printed on the edge) rated a mention on the program because of a previous failed lawsuit to remove the motto from the coinage. Some discussion of the (very recent) addition of “in god we trust” to US money.

This isn’t a major concern of mine. My major concern is the real value of money, not what it says on the surface; consequently, I would prefer to trade Liberty Dollars that say “trust in god”, because I trust in silver much more than I will ever trust in god, rather than trade USD that have no value. (I was such a self-satisfied idiot -ed.)

Julia Sweeney rated a brief segment, as did Sam Harris. His piece asks some very pointed questions about the future of our society if we continue to rely on faith to the extent that we currently do.

Dan’s Pagan Pulpit segment deals with the subject of the lack of a factual basis for a real historical Jesus. A more in depth exploration of this subject can be found in the film The God Who Wasn’t There. I caught the sensationalized History Channel special on the finding of Jesus’ ossuary, co-hosted by James Cameron and the Naked Archaeologist. I’m trying to forgive Cameron for this lame film appearance, but I won’t be spending another moment watching anything the Naked Archaeologist does.

The show ended with a Philip Appleman poem. He’s a good poet, but I think they need to get someone else to read his work.

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