The Origin of Government Corruption

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense – Show 112 – The Big Corruption Show (only 4 shows this time. He must be more on his game) The whole basis for the show’s name is a sort of miscue.

The US government is corrupt. Duh. The nature of the corruption is campaign contributions. No, it’s not.

The nature of the corruption is influence peddling; the ability of representatives to grant benefits to contributors is why the contributions occur in the first place. In the 1800’s this was predominately seen in land deals for corporate sponsors. In the 1900’s it morphed into corporate welfare schemes, and other types of wealth transfers; a function of the Monopoly money that was created in 1913.

The way to fix it is to divest the government of all property outside of those parcels of land necessary to conduct government business; and to remove the basically unconstitutional Federal Reserve. Don’t hold your breath on either of those things coming to pass.

More access for candidates at public expense (Dan’s solution) just widens the trough that the useless talking heads we already get too much of, feed at. It won’t fix anything.

Author: RAnthony

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