Bernard Von Nothaus: Arrest Me

Just got the latest post from Bernard on the US Mint’s continuing effort to scare the users of the Liberty Dollar, and to libel Bernard and NORFED. All the promotion of the Liberty Dollar aside, I think he sums up the argument quite nicely when he says:

As the Monetary Architect of the Liberty Dollar and the responsible party, if I am such a heinous criminal I should be indicted by the United States Department of Justice. Alternatively, the US Mint immediately must stop claiming that using the Liberty Dollar, as voluntary barter is a crime. The idea that an American citizen cannot use a piece of gold or silver (or, for that matter, anything) in voluntary transactions between consulting adults is preposterous, antagonistic to a free market, and totally without legal merit or any law purporting to prohibit it.

They really need to back off on this. Looking at the law, I can’t see where they have any grounds to prosecute. I still think we need to stage an event with the media present, and conduct business exclusively in ALD in front of the cameras. Let them prove there is a crime being committed.

Author: RAnthony

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