Ron Paul Throws His Hat Into the Ring

I doubt this will change the outcome of things. The US bus of happiness is already careening on the cliff’s edge. It’s going to take more than one good president to drag it back onto the straight and narrow.

However, Ron Paul (the only member of congress for which I have any respect) has declared his intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination. I wish him the best of luck, he’s going to need it. Especially with press coverage like this:

Paul limits his view of the role of the federal government to those duties laid out in the Constitution. As a result, he sometimes casts votes at odds with his constituents and other Republicans.

Imagine that? A congressman who actually fulfills his oath to uphold the Constitution, and it’s considered a liability by writers at the Washington Post. I guess they’re ready, willing and able to help push the bus the rest of the way over the cliff.

I missed my first opportunity to vote for Dr. Paul back in ’88 when he ran as the Libertarian candidate for President. I was still deluded at the time, thinking I was a Democrat. If (and it’s a big if) he’s successful this time, I won’t make the same mistake twice.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one. He has a solid antiwar record, being one of a handful of Republicans to vote in 2002 against giving President Bush the authority to use military force in Iraq. Which gains him Democrat votes.

On the other hand, he’s The Taxpayers’ Best Friend and is routinely ranked either first or second in the House by the National Taxpayers Union. Something that should win over the truly fiscally conservative.

You’ve got my vote Dr. Paul. Here’s hoping you can collect on that.

Author: RAnthony

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